Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Just Stuff and A Big Beau Bunny

And in mundane non-war related news I went out and had a pedicure and a manicure. I had my toes painted a flaming red, Brazilian Fire I think it was called. I felt super pampered, spoiled, and lucky, but I wanted to do something nice for myself and get out of the house.

I threw up once this morning because I gulped my pills down with my protein drink without even thinking about how much I drank. But throwing up isn't as bad as it used to be before surgery because, well, just because -- I think the details would be even grosser than the fact that I just told you I threw up.

I went to the dog park, without the dogs, to give it a trial run. I was afraid to take them because they are a lot for my to handle normally and I don't know how I would take having them jump on my healing tummy. I walked the whole perimeter and only felt weak towards the end. And I had 6-8 ounces of mashed potatoes for dinner and was so happy about it that I began to feel like I might be able to eat like a normal person again.

My incisions are healing really well. They're nothing really, the one under my left breast is the thickest, and the one just above my navel is the worst because that's where they had to put in the drain. Everything else is just kind of pinkish scarring from the tape allergy. I feel so blessed and lucky to be alive. I'm also still zonked out on pain medicines and Valium. I took much less today than I've been taking, so I'm tapering off, but tonight I had these sharp pains in the middle of my belly again so I took another pain pill and feel stoney.

Beau wants me to buy him a big furry bunny costume because he's seen a lot of weirdness on TV and thinks it would be funny to dress up and do weird things to make his friends laugh. He stayed up and watched an episode of HBO's Real Sex one night and the next day asked me about Plushy and Furry Sex -- I'm not sure if I've got the right name here -- where people dress up as big fuzzy characters and have sex with each other. So I asked him if he wanted a bunny costume so he could be sexual with it and he said, "Nooooo Mom, I just think it would be funny to dress up as a big bunny and act weird and stuff."

I just know that parents in the fifties didn't have to worry about this kind of stuff. Maybe they were all too busy building bomb shelters to worry about their kids having anonymous sex in big fuzzy cartoon suits. Next thing I know he's got this whole bunny persona on the Internet and he'll be going to parties as Beaulanzo the Big Brown Sex Bunny.


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