Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Hello My Darlings,

I just went to see Spirited Away and I loved it. I had bought a copy of it on DVD a few months ago for Beau to watch in the car on the way to and from Palm Springs but I had no idea it would be so lovely and involving.

I had a few bites of a baked potatoe but it was just too much for me and made me feel sick. There were two nice couples near us who offered us their extra fries so I explained that I really couldn;t eat them because of this surgery and they were excited to hear about it. People are so interested to hear all of the details and I'm finding that I love talking about it and sharing the info. It just feels warm and loving to chat about it with people who ask. Everyone is so supportive, it's amazing.

When I got home I had about ten bites of little tofu squares with sun dried tomatoes and some icey soy protein drink and I am stuffed. It really blows me away how little I can eat. I'm pretty excited about this.

I'm trying to visit my journal friends but there are so many of you to love and every one of your journals blow me away so much, you're so talented and engaging, and I just get sucked in and read and hop around and follow links and then before I know it hours have gone by and there are so many more friends to visit. Please just know that I care and I'm trying to keep up : )

I'm also having fun opening my many eBay boxes. I bought some more viewmasters so we can all look at the reels at the same time. Woah my printer is freaking out, hmmmm, wonder what's going on with that. I got a couple of lighted ones and the one I was just looking at was Paris in the sixties I think but it looks like it could have been shot yesterday. God I miss being in Europe and Hawaii.

I just creamed up my surgery scars. I'm throwing everything at them, Creme de la Mer and Mederma. Something good ought to be happening there.

My Mom is scaring me and making me sad because she keeps forgetting things and seems to be drifting slowly into senility. She's going to be eighty-seven July 31. I miss my Father so much and can't bear the thought of losing my Mom as well. I don't have any other family -- no brothers, sisters, cousins, uncles, aunts, no one. There's my birth family but they don't want to have anything to do with me and I am just so completely baffled and hurt about it. I can't imagine finding out I have a sister or a brother somewhere in the world and not wanting to know them. Oh well, I've got My Scott and my Beau, all of your pets, my pals, and all of you. I'm a pretty lucky gal.

Tomorrow is Irma's birthday so I've ordered a big riot of balloons, we're going to have cake, and we're giving her a TV because she's got one of the old one's, the spin the dial that only goes up to thirteen kind.

I'm going to go to sleep soon and cuddle my pregnant kitties. I love to feel the babies moving around inside their bellies. We've set up some nice big cushy cat beds and some boxes so they can pick where they want to deliver but chances are it will be in the middle of the night and near my face or by my legs as usual. I can't believe let this happen again. Please don't hate me.

I wish I had some ice but Beau is too afraid to go downstairs to get some for me and I've done more than enough for one day, my abdomen is aching here and stairs feel too challenging to my crunchy knees on a good day.

Okay G'night my little Live Journal darlings.

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