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Sex Toy Parties, Irma's Birthday, Six Feet Under, Happy Fights, and Food!

This Morning

Thank you God for bringing back our POWs!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a wonderful thing to get up and read first thing on the computer. Such happy news. Their families must be weeping with joy. I thought they were all dead. God I hate war and warmongerers.

In other mundane Jacqui news, the mean balloon people didn't come through with Irma's huge birthday bouquet. They tend to blow off us pleebes when they have bigger celebrity orders to attend to. I would blow them off if there were an alternative balloon source that made bouquets as cool as they do. They make the best balloon bouquets -- you know with the clear balloons filled with gumballs, and the doughnuts with squiggly balloons threaded through the holes, and every other kind of figural and theme balloon you can think of. Man, any business that treats their customers this poorly in times like these deserve a good business spanking.

So now I've got to go out and get some kind of pretty floral arrangement, a cake, and a TV. I'm giving Irma a TV because she and the kids have to watch TV on one of those old thirteen channel turn the dial sets. Then I have to stop in at my neighbor Karen's house because she will never forgive me if I don't at least make an appearance at her Tupperware-like Sex Toy party.

Have you heard of these? They've been doing them for a while. A representative of the "toy" company comes by and sets up her wares, you invite all your girlfriends over, and she demonstrates them, somehow. I think women are even invited to go off into various bedrooms and try some of the items. While it may sound kind of wild I think it's a terrific thing. Most women, (not me though, I think it's all a hell of a lot of fun and actually dragged Scott to one once or twice), are too shy to go to porn shops with their peep show booths and trench coat wearing men to avail themselves of the many sex life enhancing products that are out there. I know there are some much cooler shops out there like The Love Boutique and The Pleasure Chest and there are places on line, but I still think a lot of gals are shy about it. I have friends who have never tried a vibrator. I for one can confidently say that my life would not be as much fun without my Hitachi Magic Wand.

The vet called and left a message that the tests came back on my darling Sunny and that he didn't have FIP. That's extremely good news for all of us here, but what did Sunny die of then? Could he have had cancer? I'm waiting for the vet to give me her ideas on this because I so want to let myself off the hook. Knowing that he came to us with whatever it was that took him away would make me feel so much better about his leaving. I was tortured thinking that I brought him here only to catch a disease that killed him.

This Evening

Scott just left. We had a nice night with a minor to medium conflict that we resolved lovingly. Every time this happens, when we manage to work something scary out between us, I feel this surge of love and affection for him. I love how we resolve all of our fights now, as opposed to when we were younger and one or the other of us would storm off, (usually me), or hang up (usually him), upset. I'm so glad to be out of that era of my life where I'd sit on the floor of my closet feeling so alone, misunderstood, and unloved, sobbing and contemplating overly dramatic self injuring options.

We watched Six Feet Under which I love as much as I ever did. I feel like an untrusting bad fan grrrl for having complained so bitterly after the first epsiode of the season. Everything is working out just fine. Shoulda had a little more faith.

I loved the game Dave and Keith played at the party where everyone had a female star's name slapped on their back and had to guess who it was using yes or no questions. I would love to do that. I would be so good at it. I could go on and on about this show but maybe I should save it for the wake on HBO or for another forum

I'm having a few bites of tofu tomato salad and a little bit of humuus for my late night supper. Yum. I am feeling stronger and more hopeful by the day. I lost another pound, so that makes my total loss since surgery twenty-two pounds. I'm pretty happy about this, I just can't help my competitive nature that wants me to do, not only as well as the other people around me, but better. If someone in my support group can lose thirty five pounds in two weeks, I want to lose forty. Never mind that I started eating solid food sooner, and that I'm not as big so I won't lose the weight as quickly.

Beau and I managed to get all of our errands done today. I got a new printer, Beau picked out some games, and we got Irma a good TV at a decent price and some toys from the Giant Robot Store, (I bought a Mr. Sushi Rice Pen), and two cakes, ice cream, a flowery balloon, and some cards.

I barely made Karen's party. The hostess was putting away her toys and wow were there a lot of them. I think I'm allergic to latex which really lets me out on partying down with the various fun looking dildos, particularly one called Cleopatra something, that looked like it would have been fun. There's a website where you can buy things, and as long as I buy things there by Wednesday, my friend Karen will get credit. Although I can't tell you the address because Beau, who was dying to see what was going on, snagged my catalogue as soon as I came home and ran off with it. Typical. I was so like him at his age. I wanted to know everything!

Irma's party was really sweet. She started crying when she saw the cakes and the candles. And one of my wonderful neighbors helped Beau carry in the TV. I think she liked her Happy Cloud pillow the most of all though.

For me, it was exciting to take the tiniest bite of cake and realize that I didn't like or want it. Me, not want cake? Do you know how insane that is? When Courtney Love</a> or Kurt Cobain wrote that she wanted to be the girl with the most cake, I thought she had to be thinking of me. Now I want to be the girl with the most protein, watered down juice, and crushed ice.

It looks like I'll have to ask for another tax extension this year, because it just isn't going to happen.

Okay my darlings, off I go to chisel away at the great e-mail mountain, sigh.

Here are two dresses of my Grandmother's that I just won on eBay.

Pink Chiffon and Black Lace
Black and White with Lace and Rhinestone Trim

And I took this quiz... too funny.

Which Famous Homosexual are you?
Brought to you by Rum and Monkey

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