Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

I just heard Madonna's Love Profusion. Love her. I can't help it, she's always been just fascinating to me!

Have you guys seen W magazine's forty page spread of Madonna? On the spine of the magazine it just says All About Madge. I bought a few copies about three weeks ago when it first came out. I'm thinking it's some sort of deconstructive comment on her Virgin wedding phase because there are shots of what looks like a white gown burning. I also like the shots of her body curled into poses that mimic photos of human organs on the opposite pages.

It's definitely interesting and different. I'm wondering about the smoky eyes and the tabloid shots of her looking like she got hit in the eye. I mentioned this before, but I'm insatiably Madonna-Curious. I wonder if she had plastic surgery or got in a fight and then if the W fashion shoot happened just after that, so they had to go for the serious smoldery eye makeup to hide the bruising.

I imagine plenty of people think wondering about the true lives, the behind the scenes lives, of celebrities is a complete waste of time, but our society foists this kind of icon status on them, and I can't help but look at the pictures that the magazines feed to us. They do tend to get more information or better information because they have so much access. And all the trends seem to start with them. I'd never even heard about Kabbalah until Roseanne and then Madonna got into it and yoga was something I wanted to go back and do again but it wasn't the wildly popular thing it is now until celebs started embracing it. Same with Pilates.

But then there are the even sillier more mundane things like my wanting to wear the same scents, the same lipsticks, foundations, carry the same purses. I want to see what they wear to premieres, find out what cosmetic surgery they've had done if any. It's like television, mind numbing, diverting, entertaining, and it takes the focus off of my own life for a moment. I know this. That's why I'm so conflicted about it. That's why I hardly ever post on my own celebrity sightings community journal. As soon as that writer from the LA Times tracked me down and wrote a little story about it I completely backed off and stopped posting. Maybe some of this has to do with my own lifelong drive for success, my own obsession with and desire for fame. I can't do to other people what I wouldn't want them to do to me.

A perfect example of this would be yesterday. I went to this sex party at my neighbor's house, and I swear I'm not writing this to tease you because I know it's a tease to withhold information, but there was a major celebrity there. Not an A list film actress, even though she's been in a few films but definitely a hit television series actress. You would absolutely know her if I mentioned her name. But I don't want to because it seems so mean to do to her, and to my neighbor, like a serious violation of this poor gal's privacy. I mean here she is at a small sex toy party, hanging out with a few girlfriends she thinks she can trust, and she must constantly feel like a deer in the headlights, every time the doorbell rings, is this going to be someone she can't trust, someone who is going to run to media to tell them that she bought the double jelly delight strap on or something like that? And I don't want to be a part of that. I don't mind saying, I saw Brooke Shields looking gloriously pregnant and beautiful at the dog park, as long as I don't mention the name of the dog park, but I don't feel comfortable when I'm seriously violating someone's privacy. But then I'm a part of this whole celebrity consumption culture and I feel bad about it.

I know it's stupid and shallow but when I'm living here in LA I completely buy into the whole thing. When I'm traveling -- when I'm in Hawaii or Mexico or when I was in Tahiti, all I care about is nature, my health, all facets of it, spiritual as well as physical, and connecting with other people and absorbing the culture around me. That's one of the many reasons I want to get the fuck out of here.

This is one of the best shots. God, I wish I had the strength and drive to keep in shape like she does.


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