Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Today was a really really terrific day. I don't really know why it felt so much better and easier than yesterday but it did. Maybe because I didn't have a conversation with my Mother where she made me feel panicked and bad about myself. It took a little while for me to realize that, hey, I've made some major headway here towards reaching one of my lifelong goals of being thinner and healthier. I'm not going to cure every one of my character defects overnight just because she wants me to. I think the thing that was bothering me the most was the fact that she took my shrinks bills and put them over in my bill pile and said, "I'm not paying these any more she hasn't done you any good, your spending is still out of control. How about being glad that I'm doing something serious here about my lifelong battle with weight and that it's kind of natural for me to be filling up the space that food took up with something else, temporarily.

Oh Scott's here, I can hear the vibration of his voice, he's downstairs. I hear all the high excited tones of the kids and then there's this deeper sound, that's Scott. Now he's in my office pretending to be Jimmy Cagney. We're going to watch a scary DVD together, hee hee, The Ring. Now the kids are outside squealing and chasing each other around.

We all had the best walk today. We met two neighbor families. Oh no George is crying, poor little guy. He can't find his shoes, and no one is helping him. Hang on...

Anyway all of Irma's kids and Beau and Alley the dog, went with me on a walk. We saw this pretty house with two orange trees loaded with fruit and the kids just wanted to help themselves but I told them it wouldn't be right and that we should ask the people in the house if that would be okay. So we went up to the door and the man who answered was sooooooooo nice and told us to help ourselves. There was just something so loving and sweet about this exchange. Plus the family are of Chinese descent and I'm weirdly nuts about anything or anyone Asian. Then we took all of our little oranges and sat on a little brick wall next door and the man who lived there came out and visited with us. He has his black belt in karate and was doing little demonstrations for the kids with his nunchuks and Beau ran home to get his wooden swords to play with him.

Later we came home and I helped the kids play Animal Crossing and we took turns cuddling the mama cats and petting the newborn kittens. All in all a really terrific day. Got lots done too, and I think I lost about a half of a pound.

Love you guys - talk to you later,

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