Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

I wrote this poem for my little boy when he was about two I think. I used to sit in this great rocking chair in his bedroom and he would nurse and look backwards out the window at the moon, he loved the moon.

This poem is for you
my sweaty, little, moon child
who gasps in wonder
as Tarzan flies
from his cage to our bed
who hears the word no
too many times in a day
You are a wonder to me
laughing as you
touch my skin
and shouting ma ma
with fierce baby pride
I want to remember
that you love letters
and call them all B
that you love kittens
and have to be stopped
from hugging too hard
I want to remember
that you squeel when I
run the water for your bath
and that you say adios
to the moon
I want to freeze this day
our walk
your tiny hand
reaching for my stolen flowers
the look of consternation
on your face
when you say up, up
and the kiss
you gave our cat
I want to remember
the look of joy
on your face
when I give you a grape
and how wonderful it feels
to love you like this

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