Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Okay, well, it's not a uke but it's pretty.

I've been trying to play my ukelele. It's just so hard to stretch my fingers to make the chords.

I have loved this song for so long. I wish I knew how to play it on my ukelele. George Nouri was playing it as bumper music on Coast to Coast tonight. It was written by Eddy Duchin. You need to hear it played on a scratchy old victrola though to really appreciate how sweet and haunting it is.

Did You Ever See A Dream Walking

Did you ever see a dream walking?
Well, I did!
Did you ever hear a dream talking?
Well, I did!

Did you ever have a dream thrill you
with "Will you be mine?"
Oh it's so grand
and it's too, too divine.

Did you ever see a dream dancing?
Well, I did!
Did you ever see a dream romancing?
Well, I did!

Did you ever find heaven right in your arms,
saying I love you, I do?
Well, the dream that was walkin'
and the dream that was talkin'
and the heaven in my arms was you.

Other songs he wrote;

Dont Wait Till The Night Before Christmas
Get Out Of Town
I Cover The Waterfront
I Wont Dance
Ill Sing You A Thousand Love Songs
Its De-lovely
Lets Fall In Love
Lights Out
Lovely To Look At
Moon Over Miami
Number Ten Lullaby Lane
Pennies From Heaven
The Merry-go-round Broke Down
You Are My Lucky Star

I loooove I'll Cover the Waterfront and You Are My Lucky Star.

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