Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Hi Everyone, Sorry I haven't written much. I'm just trying to adjust to this new body of mine. I've lost fifty two pounds so far. I like the way I look when I catch a surprise glance at myself in a store window.

On the downside though, I'm having vitamin deficiency symptoms. My hands and feet are tingling and I get itchy all over. I looked it up and it was kind of upsetting. My body can't absorb B vitamins so I will have to have shots and take pills forever. I knew this going in, but this was the first time I read something scary about vitamin B deficiency leading to spinal lesions. Sigh, I would have to find and fixate on that one thing.

Anyway today was a hugely challenging errand day. I went to my Dad's cemetery to finally decide on his headstone. I've been putting this off for two years! Then I went to Home Depot and bought cheapy bookshelves for Beau's room. I have some helper pals coming over tomorrow and we're going to surprise him for his birthday by straightening up his room and trying to make it look a bit better. We're also having a moonbounce and I bought lots of presents for him.

Well, I have to get some sleep. I am so behind in catching up with all of you.

Love you,

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