Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

My little kitten died. It's a faith rocker for sure. I was thinking that because I prayed and had faith that God had managed to hear me and answer my little kitty prayer and save his life. I mean he was cold and floppy and wasn't breathing and then he came back and he was cute and little and fluffy and warm and it seemed like a miracle. Then the next day one of his aunts tries to steal him from his Mom and cuts his neck. Then we bundle him off to the vet and he puts two little stitched in it and we moved all of the youngest babies to my closet so they wouldn't have to survive any more cat-aunt haul off attacks.

Last night Beau and I were visiting the littlest babies while we fed our little orange and brown half-face monkey boy his bottle. The little wounded white siamese kitten boy was mewing a lot. I kept moving him to nipples so he could nurse and then this morning he was dead. I'm so sad. I try so hard to believe there is a reason behind everything, but when something sad like this happens, I just, oh I don't know, blah.

But Scott sent this song by the spongmokeys about the moon to me and it is cheering me up because it makes me laugh so much. Hope you like it too. I like tha moon too but not as much as cheese. I really like the moon but not as much as cheese, zeppelins, kelp, deer and marmots.

I think these are the same people who made Weeble and Bob because they have the Viking Kittens and Mr Stabby. You might enjoy playing with the tourettaphone.

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