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More Rosa Stuff, Hawaii, and Scott Five O

This is one of our little mixed Siamese kittens. We have six of these cute little guys.

And this is my beloved Sparkle who got really sick last year, or was it early this year, from eating too many of my leftovers, especially pizza. I didn't know that this could be bad for his liver, anything with garlic in particular, and there must have been lots of garlic in the pizza sauce. He was such a desperate pizza pig though and I couldn't bear to deprive him. Now neither one of us are eating too much pizza these days.

I think I've put this picture up somewhere around here but I love it so much I had to share it again. He is the coolest cat. He'll fetch almost anything and sometimes when I wake up I find his little toys in my hand.

Mom made Rosa and her son move out of our Palm Desert house. Woohoo! I'm so thrilled. You guys said I would find a solution and I did. Floods of relief. Mom wouldn't listen to me, or her secretary, or her lawyer, but Lord if there is any chance she might lose social status by annoying the board of her homeowners/golf club association, she jumps right on it.

She was so pissed off, like a little girl who couldn't have her way. At one point when she was talking to Rosa on the phone and Rosa was just dancing around in circles barely able to keep up with her lies, my Mom just rolled her eyes and threw the phone at me. I translated for Rosa to Mom, trying to make sense of the craziness that Rosa was saying, in her last ditch attempt to keep her hands on our house, and sad-sack sympathy girl that I am I actually felt sorry for Rosa. So all in all it was a hollow victory.

Oh and it turned out that Rosa's son never did have a job working for the painting contractors. I knew it. I just had to confirm it. The contractor, some guy named Walter who Rosa probably slept with, I'm serious, had to tell the contractor-liason lady, this sweetheart named Bonnie who totally got what was going on and was on my side, that he hadn't hired Rosa's son. Rosa had told him that her son had a lot of painting experience and was working in the desert and living at Mom's house, so Walter who had already done all of his hiring a couple of months ago, told Rosa that maybe he could find some kind of part time work. Once Mom told Rosa that her son couldn't stay in our house if he was working for the property, in a last ditch effort to keep her access to our vacation house open, she quickly changed her story and said he had a job working for someone else. She lies so quickly and so often you just can't keep up with it. But at least for now Mom sees this and Rosa must be aware that she is skating on thin ice. Never mind that even though Mom doesn't want us to do an inventory just now, we were able to prove to her that tons of her silver has gone missing.

I spent most of Monday running errands for Mom and Martha, the new lady who I got Mom to hire. She's doing all right but of course Mother is incredibly demanding, and although Martha is kind, honest, and responsible, at least she seems so to me, she doesn't know how to do things exactly to my Mother's specifications. Rosa refuses to help her out in any way, nothing new there, and Mom doesn't want to spend the money to train her. I got her a set of keys to the house so at least Rosa can't play any of her usual lockout games there, and I persuaded Martha to let me buy a couple of uniforms for her to wear because I knew this would put my Mom over the moon.

I'm really selling out here because for years I have defended everyone who has ever worked for Mom or me in their right to not have to wear a maid's uniform. I think it's just a creepy visual reminder of class division and is demeaning. But this is a kind of war and I feel as if I have to compromise in a few areas if I am to win. Not enough to do anything as sneaky as stealing some of the silver or a pair of Mom's favorite three-hundred-and-fifty dollar shoes in order that Rosa should get blamed for it. I can't go that far, it's totally against my sense of fair play, but asking Martha to wear a uniform in order to gain ground, or telling her to pick roses from the garden and put them by Mom's bed, those things I'm willing to do. BTW the day Martha left, and as soon as Rosa saw that she was picking flowers for Mom, guess who picked a big bouquet for the living room? I don't even need to answer this do I? What's worse is that Martha used a really pretty vase that had been a gift to her from a neighbor and naturally she wanted it back when the flowers died, but it's mysteriously disappeared. As far as Rosa is concerned, anything she can do, to annoy and force a person out, is a good plan. I'm really going to have to set her straight, have a talk with her and say, "Look, the game is over. I am going to be around more, keeping an eye on things, so I sure hope nothing more disappears from this house. As far as Martha is concerned, we are all sick of having to find new people every time you drive one of them off. This is truly your last chance so you'd better get along with her. And for God's sake, clean the parts of the house that you think Mom never visits.

The latest Mom news is that she has suddenly decided to take us to Hawaii for a couple of weeks in July, but she doesn't want to take Rosa. The last time we went, last summer, Mom was so needy and demanding I wondered how I could possibly have done it without Rosa. Now I'm experiencing a little bit of the be careful what you wish for deal here, because Mom thinks I can handle my teenage son and my elderly Mom all by myself. I'm kind of the fence about the whole thing. Without a baby-sitter for Mom I won't be able to get away for more than a few hours at a time. If we could take someone to help Mom who we all liked, that would be terrific, but it's either Rosa or no-one.

The other sad part of this is that money is really tight right now and we are going as cheaply as possible, which means staying in a crummy condo instead of the first class or even second class hotels we're used to. Also Mom never invites Scott, and neither he nor I can ever afford to make this happen on our own. If we were married that would be a different thing, then he'd be her son-in-law and she would have to acknowledge him. Maybe I can sell some things and use some of the air miles that she has accumulated because of me.

We usually stay on the West side of Maui, near Kapalua, Napili bay and Lahaina. I know that part of Maui like the back of my hand. But this time Mom wants to go to Wailea. I'm just incredibly grateful to be able to go, and to be able to connect with the sea. Hopefully I'll be able to get in some good dives and maybe even Beau will try a baby dive now that he's old enough. I'm so excited about all of this. Being in Hawaii is always so healing for me. Coming back is hard though. Scott says that last year I really crashed after I came back. I really wasn't well though and now that I'm losing weight I know I'm getting healthier. The next big hurdle for me will be figuring out what to do about Burning Man.

Well, I have to get going. I rescheduled my surgeon's appointment from last week. I'm going to ask Dr. Liu about my itching feet and hands and my liver. I'm looking forward to my shot in the butt of B12. I haven't lost any weight in a week, which is super frustrating when all you can eat are a few bites at a time, but I'll figure something out -- more water, more walking, take the dogs to the park, less cheese, that kind of thing. This weekend I get to go away with Scott to our favorite hotel by the beach in Ventura. Next Monday will be his fiftieth birthday. I can't believe my boyfriend is going to be fifty years old. That used to sounds so old, well, it still does, but it doesn't make any sense to me. He can't be fifty, when he seems like he's only thirty and I still feel twenty-five. Aging is truly terrifying to me.

Okay, off I go.

Love you guys,

PS: You know what you guys? I'm actually thinking I might try some baby surfing lessons for Beau and me. I think he would love it. He has a skim board which he will want to take with us but I think it would be so good for us to try surfing. I'm so excited! I love having good things to look forward to.

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