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Dolphins and Seals Dying All Along California Coast, and My Mother's Monster-Maid

We just got back from our mini vacation to Oxnard/Ventura. Parts of it were terrific, and then some of it was not so terrific. Overall though I'm glad I went. I just didn't expect it to be so challenging.

My wonder-cat Jake is barking at the door. He's upset with me for first going away and then running into my office as soon as I got home instead of cuddling with him in my room. I'm just so angry over more drama that happened with my Mother's trouble making creep monster of a maid that I had to sign on to take my mind off of it. It helps to type it up here and share it with you. Then maybe I can move on -- take a bath -- read a book. The book I'm currently reading is called Revenge of the Middle Aged Woman. It's about an English woman who gets dumped by her husband for her assistant, who then helps herself to her job as well. It's all going to work out in the end, I can tell. I'm sure the husband won't be able to stand the younger woman for too long and will want to come back, but it will be too late by then because our heroine will have discovered reserves of strength and courage that she didn't know she had, and will go on to a much better life without the selfish cad. I'm looking forward to this ending.

Right now I'm buying Carnie Wilson's new book, I'm Still Hungry, on Amazon. She wanted to call it Fuck, I'm Still Hungry, (Did I already tell you guys this?), but her editor and publisher wouldn't go for it. I've been dying to know how she's been doing. We had the same surgery so it's nice to be able to follow along with her experience.

Awww I just heard my neighbor's little girls riding their scooters by my house and one of them said, "This house is really cool. I like the big cow." Then the other one said, "Yeah, this house is Jacqui's house. She's nice." That's the kind of thing that really lifts my spirits.

Back to Rosa. I think I told you guys that last week we confronted her with her nutty desperate behavior? Well, Mom, her secretary and I asked her to come sit down at the dining room table with us and I simply told her that we were tired of all of the drama and trouble that she causes -- tired of her never getting along with whatever woman we hire to work on the weekends -- tired of her fighting with Mom's tenant, and that we want her to get along with everyone and not to try to push Martha, (the new Sunday housekeeper who I found and really like), out by leaving piles of linen and laundry to wash and fold and tons of silver. Her little trick with everyone is to leave a bunch of work for them to do whenever she's mad at them. Tina, Mom's secretary specifically said to her, "Rosa, you are not to give the weekend help any work. It's not your place. She is not your slave. She is not working for you. She is not here to do the work that you don't want to do during the week." You are here six days and she is only here one day and we do not want another woman to quit because of you."

Rosa freaked out because we dared to challenge her dominion over Mom, the house, and the new weekend housekeeper. God this woman is out of control. Scott says he wishes he could twist her head off and watch it go rolling away, and I laugh like it's a funny thing to say, but I truly wouldn't mind if she suddenly took a wrong turn and feel off the planet. You should have seen her. When she gets angry she's like a cartoon character whose blood pressure rises so that their face turns red and steam starts to pour out of their ears. Her hands started shaking and her voice got loud and fast and she started crying. It was scary to watch, and it was an ugly to scene to be a part of, but I felt so accomplished. I managed to stand up to her finally. Even Esther and Irma were surprised that I took her on.

She said, "I think this woman Martha wants work. Maybe she wants to have my job." I told her to stop being so paranoid and that not everyone is out to steal her job, and that if she stops making trouble for everyone, things stop disappearing from the house, and she stops overstepping her bounds, that she'll be fine. God, I said so much to her I can't even remember everything I said. But I definitely know one thing, I was kind and responsible, but I didn't take any of her manipulative dramatic crap. When she asked me what was missing from the house I said that we had known for some time that food, linens, and Mom's small personal items like her face cream, makeup and perfume were magically getting up and walking off, but that it had come to our attention that silver was being taken, that we had checked and that a lot of it was missing. Oh man did she pissed about this. Of course it doesn't help that Mom constantly undermines everyone with her denial and her total dependency on this awful woman.

Anyway when we were done talking to her she cried and sniffled for about six hours. Then suddenly the next morning she was bright and chipper again. Then this weekend she left all of the ironing and laundry that she hadn't done last week, the stuff we told her not to give to Martha to do, and a whole bunch of silver, went to Mom and told her it had to be done, and Mom stupidly flip-flopped on us and did the one thing we needed her not to do, which was to give in to Rosa and let her win by giving all the work to Martha. I want to kill Rosa, truly I do. I'm sitting here seething and trying to formulate a plan. It's just so typical of my Mom to let us think we had finally won some ground with her monster-maid, and then to undermine all the good we did by giving in to Rosa. I hate her so much truly I do, Rosa, not Mom. I'm just incredibly pissed at my willful spoiled-brat three year old of a Mom. Last week she even said to Rosa, in this totally indignant way, "You don't tell Martha what to do. I do that! I don't even want you to speak to her." Then I interrupted and said, "But Mom if you say that don't you get it that Rosa is just going to give you all of the work that she doesn't want you to do and tell you to tell Martha to do it? How will that be any different that what she's been doing all along, punishing whoever works on the weekend with whatever work she leaves?" I am so sick of all of this. I just want to run far away. I want to run to some mountain cabin where I don't have to deal with anyone for a nice long period of time.

I have really bad news about the beach in Ventura as well. There are seals and dolphins washing up on the beaches. There is an acid that is produced by this overgrowth of algae that is killing them. The plankton feeds on the algae then the small fish and bivalves feed on the plankton and the seals, especially the pregnant mama seals, and the dolphins eat the sardines and muscles that are loaded with this acid that is poisonous to them. They can't regulate their body temperature and they have seizures so they beach themselves in an effort to rest and warm themselves up, but most of them die. A very small percentage of the seals recover without intervention, but none of the dolphins recover on their own. The marine mammal rescue groups are completely overloaded and can't take any more in. It's horrible. We saw three dead seals lying on the beach. I don't know what I would have done if they'd been alive and convulsing.

Of course I called the front desk of the hotel to ask them what was going on and they gave me this complete bullshit story about how this was a natural occurrence. She must have used the word natural ten or twelve times. There is nothing natural about this enormous algae bloom. I'm sure it has to do with human interference, runoff, sewage, human waste of some kind that that algae is feeding on. It's such a tragedy. I don't understand how anyone can play on the beach or walk on by like it's just another day while these seals are lying their suffering. There are a few signs posted saying not to disturb them, but there aren't enough of them, and while some people just ignore the seals or come up to them and stare at them, other people try to get them wet and put them back in the water, the very thing they should not do. God it's awful and it's happening from Ventura all the way up to Santa Barbara.

Well, I just got off the phone with Martha, she's been ironing for hours. She told me that if Rosa keeps giving her work to do every weekend that she is going to quit, and I'll bet my Mom won't care. She is completely blind to the danger of putting herself completely in the hands of this greedy conniving totally untrustworthy person, and she's too bullheaded to listen to me.

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change
The courage to change the things I can
And the wisdom to know the difference.


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