Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

I Just Met Jack Osbourne

Hey Gang,

I was with my housekeeper and her kids at Subway in Brentwood and had just gotten into my car when I saw Jack and some friends of his walk up. I didn't even notice him at first. I was looking at his friend who was much older and had lots of cool tattoos on his wrist and arm. We were all talking about his tattoos and taking bites of our sandwiches when I noticed Jack's cute curly fro.

I love The Osbournes! I can't really explain it but I just love all of them and care so much about them. It must be the whole relaity TV hook thing. Or the fact that they remind me so much of us in some ways. Or maybe because I want Sharon to be my Mom and to have the kids for siblings. Whatever it is, I just want to go over to their house and cuddle all of them, especially Ozzie who I used to hate for his psycho episodes with animals. I was so depressed when the last season ended and so happy when this one began. It's so weird because I don't usally get too fannish, I'm a working actor and I live here in Brentwood in Los Angeles, so I'm used to seeing extremely famous people. I saw Meryl Streep at Soup Plantation once and as much as I adore her I didn't have the heart to bother her.

Anyway, he looked good, healthy. He looks like he's lost some weight, his face was clear, he was smiling and laughing and seemed happy and light. I wasn't going to say anything but then he turned and he was just a few feet away from my open car window and was looking at me. I couldn't think of what I should say so I just said, "I love you Jack," and smiled, and he said, "Thank you." What fun.

He was with a slim brunette Christina Aguilera style wannabe and was kind of flirting with her. He had a plaid shirt and I think he was wearing jeans.

My son Beau who is thirteen and loves the show went back with my housekeeper to see if they could find him again. Irma wants to take his picture, I'm too shy to go back and bother him, it seems unkind somehow, but I didn't want to stop Beau cause I know he likes him. If Irma manages to snag some pictures with my camera, I'll come backand put them up.

Bye, Wacqui

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