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Hi Everybody,

Okay, I bought Teach Yourself Paint Shop Pro in 24 Hours, but then it sat in my room for weeks. So today I brought it into my office. That's at least a little bit closer to my computer.

We're going to go to The Long Beach Aquarium today. Ahhhh heaven. I love the sea. I love sea creatures. I'm so excited. Coral, fishies, jellyfish, I looove jellyfish, and bat rays, I'm going to pet bat rays, woo woo.

Yesterday I got up really early and went looking for garage sales. I only found one, one! Normally the poles around my house are plastered with signs. I have this cynical theory about garage sales and me. Whenever I can't go, because I have other plans or something, there are so many garage sales it's ridiculous. Then when I can go, the garage sale brain trust dries up, or something like that. What's the deal? Is this happening because the universe is protecting me from spending too much money, and filling my house with more quirky vintage junk? Is this happening because I believe it to be so, and am thereby creating it? Am I so all powerful that my mind sends out negative garage sale vibes into the ether, whenever I'm planning on driving around, so that people who were previously planning on selling their stuff suddenly think, wait a sec. that Jacqui gal might come by, on second thought let's go to the beach?

Beau just came in and picked up my guitar. Beloved son, beloved guitar. I almost had to give this guitar away when I was married to shmo man. He was furious-jealous because my Scott had lent me the money to buy it. That was a little piece of I can absent myself from this marriage and fuck as many people as I please, but you'd better keep your focus on me, reasoning. I loved him though so when he hurt I hurt and my friendly little guitar was banished to Scott's until Rob ran off with his hooker gal and all bets were off. Are you sick of hearing about this stuff? I know I am.

Oatmeal and rice milk for breakfast. It wants bananas.

Oh, so the garage sale. Well, it was near my house, and it was kind of funny and quirky, which is a good thing. There were two women in their thirties, that's my guess but I'm really sucky at guessing age. Hey, you guys, remember that carnival trick where the person has to guess your age and weight to within five years/pounds or you win a prize? I used to know how they did that, but I've forgotten, does anyone remember? Hmmmm. Anyway, here's what I bought;

1.) A Luke Perry Doll, complete with earring, (not that I'm a fan cause I've heard he can be a brat, but I think my Barbies get tired of Ken, and need some variety once in a while).

2.) Cool Pink Vintage Curling Iron with box and instructions for one dollar. Good for set designers as prop or to sell on Ebay.

3.) Bag of Weird Assorted Earrings, plastic dangling monkey, fish, etc., also for one dollar.

4.) Very Pretty Folding Rhinestone Glasses and Case for five dollars, score.

Two things about vitamins and prescription pills; they always get stuck in my throat and I can never remember whether I've taken them or not right after I've taken them...or not.

Ferrets are stinky and they bite, but I love them anyway.

Scott was so wonderful to me last night. He rubbed my sore arch for so long even though he wasn't feeling well. I love him. I wish every one could have a Scott in their lives.

Talk to you later,

PS: I saw The Contender last night. I liked it. It was an eight-minus, on a scale of one to ten. The score was awful. I'm not nit picking, it hurt the film. It just came in at all the wrong moments and was way too overblown. I can't believe I fell so far behind in following Rod Lurie's career. I used to love him on the radio and didn't know he was making features. Good for him. I loved Joan Allen and everyone else. I liked the running food thing with Jeff Bridges as the president. Sam Elliot was great, I hated his character. There was an FBI gal who was weirdly miscast. She was cute and might be okay in something else but hard to believe in this role. I kept thinking she was going to whip off her clothes at any minute. I liked Gary Oldman a lot, but I understand he's fussing up a storm because he feels Dreamworks reedited the film for a more liberal feel. The ending was lame, I liked the way it turned out but it came on too swiftly and sappily. I guess I'd have to say that the premise is great, and I loved the acting and characterizations, but something went amiss in post. So maybe Mr. Oldman was not too far off the mark. I just hate when people squabble and tank their projects. That stuff can be handled privately and doesn't need to reach the public level. Okay das all.

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