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Dresses on Ebay, Mom's WWII Love Letters, Charlie's Angeles, Good Sex and Love With My Scott

Oh I'm so bummed. Someone just outbid me by an insane amount for this early dress of my Granny's. My Mother is the Jean and Granny was the Carol in the JeanCarol label. This was Granny's first label before she launched the more sophisticated Peggy Hunt line. Now that there is this good chance of our doing a fashion show next year for the Art Deco Society of Los Angeles at the El Rey theatre, (thank you so much Mary), I need to get my hands on as many of the earlier dresses as possible. And of course I am so broke and can't afford them, sigh, so I guess it's just as well that I lost this one, damnit. Maybe I should call Lily et Cie and ask her if she would like to round up some of these dresses for the show in exchange for publicity. I haven't called her in years, not since I pay over two thousand, gulp, dollars, for the best dress we have, the white tulle and rhinestone confection that Jennifer Anniston wore in In Style magazine. I think I'm going to have to be more aggressive about looking for these dresses in cheaper places and trying to find some way to make enough money to support my collecting them. I'm so sick of being panicked about money all the time and I'm so friggin creative, there has to be something I can do.

I actually do have a couple of ideas, but I'm afraid to share them here, not that any of you, my LJ friends would snag them, but ya never know who's lurking around these parts : )

Jean of California Dress

I wanted to share another funny little dress related story with you as well. One of my sweet Ebay friends wrote to me recently to show me a dress that looked like one of my Granny's but that had the label Jean of California on it. My Mother's label was Jeannette Alexander of California, pretty close to Jean of Ca don't you think. I went and looked at the dress and I swear if it didn't have a label I would have thought it was one of my Granny's, the whole sheer lace neckline and the appliqued peek-a-boo look, but it turns out that this greedy sneaky man opened a business right underneath my Mom's factory and showroom and called himself Jean of CA to steal her business. He would stop people in the lobby and in the elevator, buyers who were on their way up to Mom's, direct them to his showroom and steal the business. His dresses were slightly altered copies of Mom's and Granny's but always just a season or so, (six months), behind.

There was also another man who copied her dresses who was based out of Florida, and he copied them exactly. I would have been soooooooo pissed off but Mom said she didn't care and that she felt flattered.

In being more careful about the many things that have been floating out of Mom's house over the last few years, (man, I will never trust a caregiver again, I just don't know how I could have been so stupid), I found an old box filled with photos and love letters from old boyfriend's of my Mother's. She had so many admirers and dated many powerful and successful men, Conrad Hilton of Hilton Hotels, Cubby Broccoli the producer of the James Bond movies, the president of Universal Studios, Queen Noor's Father, Najeeb Elias Halaby, Howard Hughes, and so many other men whose names you wouldn't know but whose positions you would respect. I had so much fun reading them to her over the phone. When I find the time, yeah right, I want to copy some of them here for you to read because they are so romantic and beautiful.

There were a series of letters from this navy commander, (God, I'm not sure of his rank), who during W.W.II commanded this brand new ship that carried cargo through the canal to our allies overseas. He was in love with Mom and he would write her these beautiful letters at sea. One of the letters describes the bravery of the men and tries to make light of the submarine and bomber attacks they endured. From Egypt he describes how beautiful the sunsets are and the way the moonlight plays across the Nile. Then he describes the sad, lonely funeral of a one of his young men who was shot during a raid. He describes the flag draped coffin and the march up this hill, the mourners in their dress whites, the playing of taps, and how he cried. Wow, it was just so moving.

Well, I'm going to try to get through my e-mail today and then I want to take Beau to see a couple of movies in Century City. I'm hoping we can get in to Charlie's Angels, that should be so much fun.

I'm feeling so in love with my Scotty today. Not that I'm not always in love with him, but when a relationship endures for as long as ours has, and you go through the usual ups and downs, and have petty personality conflict fights, that fluttery, light, early days of love feeling, deepens into something else, something more lasting, and this exciting, tingly feeling fades. It's nice to get it back every once in a while. For me I think it comes back after we've been particularly intimate, which is something we have trouble sustaining. He lives in his place and I live here in mine and he's an exhausted workaholabunny and I'm a cat and kid and clutter addict, so we aren't exactly always in sexual synch. It's just great when it all comes together and then I wind up thinking about making love with him for days and days and just the thought of it makes me weak and woozy. It helps a lot that we're both losing weight and taking our health more seriously. For a while there I felt like that picture of Roseanne and Tom Arnold that was in Vanity Fair, the one where they're on top of each other rolling around in the mud.

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