Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

OMG my son just created his own journal, ddrcraze. He listed porn and women in his interests. Deep breath in, out, right, calm down, no big deal, he's just being a boy, right? It's so hard for me to be the bow to his arrow and let him go. I feel responsible for his spelling. I want to correct it for him. I want to help him make friends. I get this control stuff from my own Mother, ack, surrender.

My friend Mary told me about this fun thing going on tomorrow night at the Hollywood Forever cemetery in Hollywood. They're having these old movie screenings once a month where everyone comes and brings blankets and picnic baskets and they all watch an old film screened on the side of one of the mausoleum walls. The cute catch phrase was something like, "Come and watch an old movie above and below the stars." Mary always does the coolest things and I am such a party pooper. I am so not being a seize the day kind of gal these days. I tried to talk Scott and Beau into going but neither one of them seemed interested. I love picnicking in cemeteries, communing with the dead and their spirits, fun.

I saw Charlie's Angels. Demi Moore did look hot. I'm jealous, yup. What is up with Demi and Ashton Kutcher? Do you think they're really involved and if so how cool are they that Bruce and Demi and Ashton and whoever Bruce is currently dating can all hang out together. They really amaze me in that way. I wish I were that loving and forgiving and able to be like that with my ex.

I'm so horny and lonely tonight, looks like it's just going to be my Magic Wand, the kitties and me again, waaaaaa.

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