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Postcards and Collage, My Clutter, Nashville, Grandma's Dresses, Summer Plans

I just love these old postcards so so much, but I can't afford to keep collecting them since they are so expensive and my money is at an all time low. So I think I'll have to resort to copying them and using them in collages as prints. Do any of you know a way to keep your prints from fading? I wonder if when I use them in collages, if the coating or the glue, will damage them or preserve them? I haven't worked with color copied or computer printed images in my collages before. I am dying to get to work. I've just been waiting while I get this damned messy and super cluttered house straightened out.

Yesterday Esther's son Eduardo came over and helped. I had a lovely episode of WLS stomach flu, (In weight loss circles they call it dumping but that expression is so ugly, I have to think of something else because dumping is just too, well, crap oriented, and it isn't all about that at all, it's more like a sudden bad flu where you feel weak and just totally ill. The weird thing is that is passes in about forty-five minutes and you're pretty much okay afterwards), at the Sixty Minute Photo Developers yesterday and had to kind of dash for my car and rush home. I didn't feel up to working in my office -- I have these mountains of papers I've saved and am always having to sort and go through -- so I had Eduardo bring them to me in my room in batches and we sorted them out there. Right now the plan is to get all of the little accordion folders emptied into the big file cabinets so it will clear up some floor space, but first I have to go through the damned file cabinets because I have plenty of stuff in there that I don't need anymore. Clutterers Anonymous anyone? Sigh. We got the A's done yesterday, just the A's, and it was tedious and emotionally challenging...acting, art, ARTS, adoption, you get the picture.

Today I'm going to try to tackle the errands I was too sick to complete yesterday. We're going to get Beau's hair cut, buy a new battery for my watch, buy some clothes for Beau, and because it's two of Irma's kids, (Monica and George), birthdays today, we're going to Toy's R. Us for presents and favors, and the market for cake.

Last night Scott brought Nashville over on DVD for me to see because I had never seen it before. I love Robert Altman and have been a huge fan since I was in high school and first saw Welcome to LA and A Wedding, so it's kind of weird that I've never seen Nashville. It was amazing in terms of being this huge character study, but it was also boring, and I feel bad for saying that because I know it's a classic. It was so worth seeing because there are so many actors I love in it. I hope there is a director's POV version of it on the DVD, those are my favorite, so after we're done watching it I'll borrow it and run it again with the director's commentary.

On the dress collecting front, I lost a Jean Carol to a nice woman who bid a ton of money, but I think I told you that already, and a Jean of CA copy to someone who paid another small fortune but I'm really happy to have won this set of two dresses. One is a really cool flowery lace dress and the other is this taffeta high collared thing by someone else and I love both of them. And no one bid against me, yeay.

I'm starting to get anxious because it feels as if the summer has just started, there is so much I hope to accomplish, and suddenly I have these three trips looming up ahead of us, Palm Springs next week for the fourth, we're leaving for Hawaii for two weeks next Monday, and then Burning Man in August if I can swing it money and work wise. I'd also like to squeeze in a visit to Legoland, Seaworld, the Monterey Bay aquarium or at least the aquarium in Long Beach, Disneyland's California Adventure and a trip to Cambria to visit our favorite beach, Moonstone Beach, for rock collecting. Ack so much to think about.

Oh God wish me luck, I have to take three big vitamin pills. The day before yesterday I had a major stomach attack after taking just one. It amazes me how anyone can think this whole weight loss surgery experience/process is an easy ride. I work so hard, ever day, to eat right, get my exercise, drink tons of water, and get my vitamins in. I don't know where people get the idea that you just have the surgery and then presto, you're a newly purchased thin you. Oooh eegads too much sugar in the chewable C pill, yuck, must spit this out. Hey if you think never eating birthday cake again is easy for someone like me, a gal who would like to get naked and just rub it all over her body, den you bees super misinformed in you head.

Love you guys while making a sour vitamin c face,

PS: OMG I bit the big money bullet and ordered an RV from Cruise America, looks like we are definitely going to Burning Man this year. Now I have to buy the tickets before tomorrow or we'll have to pick them up at will call. Now that Beau is thirteen it isn't just the movie tickets that are getting more expensive, his ticket to Burning Man is going to cost us two hundred and fifty dollars this year when before he got in for free. I so wish I could hide him somewhere in the motor home but they come in with flashlights and look everywhere, in the bathroom and even under the bed.

You know, I'm more excited about the travelling we'll be doing before Burning Man than I am about the festival. I want to do something wild like always with my hair. I have to talk to Sonia about that, but I don't want to mess my hair up too much because for once in my life I am really loving it, it's the right length and everything man.

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