Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Beau and Me after swimming at Little Beach, the naked beach, woohoo.

Hello My Journal Darlings,

How have you all been? I've been missing you. We're still in Maui. I'm using a computer at this little Internet cafe. I finally figured out how to edit and upload a couple of pictures for you.

We've been visiting beaches, snorkeling and swimming with green sea turtles. It's been heavenly but I miss my home, my man, my animules, and Irma and her kids. I miss my TV and my computer and my bed. My my my.

The best thing about being here, well, there are a lot of wonderful things about being here, but for me at this point in my health recovery, being outside and getting exercise is so much easier and more appealing here than it is at home. I can just throw on a bathing suit and walk to the ocean or drive a little bit and find these amazing beaches and coves to visit, filled with marine life, and it just feels so good to get in the water and swim and explore. I'm also having fun meeting people and their pets and taking pictures. Mom and I had our hair done and I got a pedicure and that was fin, being pampered with this incredible wall to wall view of the beach and the sea.

We went to the Maui Aquarium today and although Mom was grumpy and bratty, (she has got to be the only person on the planet who when she takes a Xanax or has a drink, actually gets more grumpy and anxious), we had a good time. It was interesting to me how different our reactions are to the beautiful creatures and the coral. Mom makes and face and says, "Ewwww how awful," to things like spiny purple lobsters, and I just gaze in happy awe at everything I see. There was even a display that played the sweet little noise the Damsel Fish make when I swim with them so now I know I'm not imagining that cute friendly little sound they make as they zip past my ears and sneak around behind me.

We watched the divers feed the fish and got to ask questions about the rays and the sharks. I'm in love with rays, sigh, I could pet and kiss them all day, big squishy clam squashing horkers, and the sharks, I had never noticed the beautiful gold sheen to their skin before. The white tipped reef sharks had just had shark pups and so had the spotted eagle ray mama.

Yesterday, after getting a sunburn at the nude beach, Beau and I went to the Grand Wailea, which is just about the most expensive and ridiculously opulent hotel around here, and snuck into their pool, ha ha. I called to ask how much we would have to pay to swim for the day and the desk gal said that the pool rate was two hundred and fifty dollars. I was actually thinking about paying that just so Beau could try out their amazing slides, swings and tunnels, but then Miss Not So Accommodating told me that they were all sold out of their beach rate but she could squeeze me in to one of their remaining six hundred and fifty dollar rooms. The check in is at three and the check out is at six. Right. Six hundred and fifty dollars to go swimming for three hours. Hey, as nuts as I am when it comes to spending my Mother's money, even I wouldn't go for that, so we went anyway and snuck in. We just had to snag a couple of used towels and hide our hands whenever we swam by anyone with a white tee-shirt and blue shorts.

They have this fun rushing water path that swirls you around. We had such a good time trying to walk against the current and then riding it back down again. Then we went to the beach and played on this enormous floating trampoline. It was really big, this gigantic innertube frame with a trampoline in the middle.

Wednesday we went jet skiing. I had always wanted to go jet skiing but had never had the chance to. Beau really wanted to go so we booked an appointment and went. It was much more challenging than I thought it would be. They took us out to this wildly rocking jet ski station that they have anchored off shore, gave us super brief instructions, and shoved us into the water. I should have known that anything with the word jet in the name would be fast but man I had no idea how fast these things could go. I mean you could really throttle yourself right off the back of one of these guys, or go crashing into someone else who isn't exactly watching what they're doing, and when you're plowing along through wavy windy afternoon sea water, it can be kind of scary. Plus all the other jet skiers and boats go zooming by and you have boat wakes, wind, choppy seas, and salt spray to deal with. Beau was soooo scared, he sat behind me and just clung on to me. It was fun though and by the end of our time I felt like I was just getting the hang of it.

I'd like to take a catamaran to Molokini and dive but Beau isn't into it so I don't think I'll get to do that this time around. Sunday we're going to go back to Kula and visit our new giraffe pal, Squirt. I think we'll maybe hang out in Paia a little bit and drive a little bit of the way towards Hana, maybe see a waterfall or two and then head back. It's hard to leave Mom alone for long and she really can't go with us anywhere challenging. She's the world's worst back-seat driver and it's so hard to be patient and empathic for as long as you need to be when we travel together. Plus all she really cares about is food. When we were at the aquarium today she would look at the fish and wonder aloud whether they were good for eating or not, argh, and then after we'd gone through just one exhibit she had to have lunch at a fish restaurant, of all places. Yes, visit the aquarium, appreciate the beautiful fishies and then go eat them. I am just smacking my head over the insanity of this.

Well, they're closing the shop here and I've got to get going. I just wanted to check in and share a bit of our trip with you. I'll put up more pictures when we get home. God, I love Hawaii so much. I would love to buy a house upcountry somewhere where I could have lots of animals and live this sweet simple nature filled lifestyle. I know we would be so happy and healthy here, but it would be such a challenge to do, moving close to a hundred pets isn't something a gal can undertake lightly, plus there's Mom who still needs me, and of course the money issue. I'm reading the new Kate Hepburn book and really enjoying it.

Love from beautiful sunny Maui,

This is Big Beach, the beautiful beach in Wailea that you cross on your way to Little Beach which is one of my top three favorite beaches.

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