Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Eighty-One Pounds Gone For Good!

Hello My Baby Darlings,

How are you all??? I'm finally home from Hawaii and semi-able to catch up on all of your daily doings. I've missed you loads and loads.

I've lost more weight, eighty-one pounds, woohoo, yeay! I just keep hoping it will continue like this and I won't gain it back. Last night I ate a lot of wheat thins with Alouette cheese and I thought I would certainly gain a pound or at least remain the same. I almost didn't weight myself but I'm so glad I did because I lost a couple more pounds since yesterday. The weight loss part of this whole experience makes absolutely no sense to me at all. None of the rules I thought I understood before seem to apply here. I keep trying to get a tangible handle on this, find some rules to live by, some way to feel as if I am in control of this, and I simply can't. I mean I know I'm supposed to drink lots of water, try to get protein, eat small portions more often, and exercise but the weight loss just doesn't seem to correlate with anything I do, whether I eat and behave according to the rules in the books or not. Who knows I give up, maybe the knowledge will just come to me somehow.

Isn't she cute? I tinted her green even though the real ones were black.

I miss Hawaii but I don't miss the damned Mosquitoes. They are the only living thing, other than plants, that I can kill. (I did kill fleas at one time because they were killing my cats.) Although despite the harm they do me, I still feel really freaked out and sad about killing them, it's just so against my code of ethics, killing anything.

Getting off the plane and then driving in Los Angeles traffic on the freeway at night was so overwhelming. There were so many cars and lights and everything seemed like it was coming at me and moving so fast. I adapt so quickly when I'm in Hawaii, the sweet pace of everything, the bright sun, the sea, and the scent of flowers everywhere. I always feel good, happy and joyous when I'm there, and then I kind of crash when I have to come back here and face the smog, the crime, the traffic, and the stress of living in such a crowded chaotic competitive place. On the other hand, I have lived here all my life and in many ways I am used to it, and do love some things about it. Easy access to first run movies and shopping being two of the things I love.

For some reason good old AOL informed Verizon, my DSL provider, that I wasn't going to be going with them anymore so Verizon canceled my DSL and AOL had them move my DSL from my second phone line to my third one, making it impossible for any of our computers to sign on. Lovely, now we're stuck using dial-up until we can get this resolved. I think Beau may have had a hand in this. He remembers clicking something about DSL from his computer. He thought it was just some kind of upgrade or download but that may have caused this problem.

We gave five of our kittens away and three of them came back with the sniffles. Good, I missed them.

Scott and I had several stupid arguments and then we made up with really terrific deeply meaningful sex the other night, much fun. I'm hoping to repeat the experience tonight, minus the fighting, wish me luck. Maybe I should put on my short schoolgirl skirt, the one he likes so much, what do you think? I'm so tired though, all I want to do is eat and lie down, but I can't eat because my stomach doesn't seem to want anything, and laying around isn't exactly the most seductive thing I could do to turn on my man.

Is anyone else concerned about The Osbournes and their missing cats? I am completely addicted to this show so I get really upset when bad things happen to them. The show seemed to be saying that coyotes got them, or was it the neighbors? If I thought one of my neighbors nabbed all three of my beloved cats I would go insane and show up at their door in full cat-mom rage mode. Was it me or did Sharon seem kind of blithe about the whole thing, or was it the way MTV edited it? I mean you can't just replace your cats like that can you? I missed Tuesday's episode, damnit, so I don't know if it was resolved in any way. Although I doubt it because the shows don't have that much continuity usually.

Okay well, I'm off. Hugs, Jac

PS: I was looking at this really cool amber hand with a little carved Buddha in it and wanted to buy it, but the seller is new, has his feedback hidden, and his Engrish is just a tad confusing. I mean what the hell does unwonted mean? Is that some kind of antique amber Buddha phrase that I'm not familiar with, or is this a code for, this is a crappy plastic copy don't buy it? Then there's the fact that he says it came from a tomb, or at least I think he said this, and I'm not into tomb raiding, despite the coolness of Laura Croft, it seems unkind to the dead, and super unlucky, much bad juju, seriously kapu, I would think.

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