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Oh man, how's this for typical, I get a fixed amount of money every month on the fifteenth that comes from a trust that was set up for my son. The money get's direct deposited into this little checking account and then I transfer it over to my main checking account. it should have happened Friday in anticipation of the fifteenth happening on the weekend. I've got Coco breathing down my neck for money I shouldn't even be paying her, after the hell she's put me through, but a deal's a deal, as far as I'm concerned, even if the other person is a lying thief, plus I don't want any part of her angry trouble making wrath. So I call the bank to make sure the money's there and it isn't. Then I have to hunt down the number for the guy who has been handling Beau's account. I call and am told I have to call another number. I call that number and he tells me that the entire account has been moved to an investment firm and away from the bank. I call the investment firm and they tell me I have to call another number. I all that number and the man I speak to tells me that the money should arrive any day now. Should arrive? I need it by the fifteenth and no one even bothered to tell me to look for it in the mail as opposed to the direct deposit into an account that is now totally defunct. Argh. Anyway the man who is handling it there said that he has told my mother that he could direct deposit it by the fifteenth and would prefer to do that, and Mom said that I would prefer a check in the mail. She never even mentioned this to me. See what I mean? Every little measly errand always turns out to be so much more complicated than it has to be when she's involved. I don't even merit a phone call letting me know crucial information about money I desperately need to live on. Fooooooooch.

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