Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Eating Out With My Discount Weight Loss Card, Going to the Dog Park, Shopping at Best Buys, Missing Sex, and a Request for Your Help With Something

This box of Wheat Thins has a lot of nerve running out on me like this.

Oooh and I used this Please-Let-Me-Pay-Less-Because-I-Can't-Eat-Very-Much card at Souplantation tonight and it worked. I only had to pay the four-something kids meal price instead of nine dollars and something, which is a really stupid amount of money to quibble over when I regularly blow thousands on eBay, but it somehow made me feel better. I mean all I can eat are about ten to twelve tiny bites of food max, (my dinner consisted of one bite of pasta, five bites of salad, and we're talking really little well chewed bites, like one leaf with a sunflower seed and some dressing, three or four tiny bites of a baked potato, a nibble of Scott's blueberry muffin, I used to be able to eat three or four of these before, and four little licks of frozen yogurt, it felt like the biggest meal to me and I was so satisfied), so getting to pay the child's portion price feels more fair to me.

Gastric Bypass Surgery WLS Restaurant Card

Scott and I went to the dog park with the little dogs and at least I didn't get sucked into a deep gooey mud sinkhole like I did yesterday. When I was kindly helped out of it by a good looking man, I had to reach in to this stinky wet mud up to my elbow to fish out my brand new rhinestone covered thongs, (sandals not underwear). Alley and Lola or Lulu or whatever we are going to name this cute little black and white monkey girl, weren't really up for it. Alley just cowered by the fence and Lola/Lulu just pretty much wanted to be held. Everyone wanted to hold her so that wasn't too much of a problem, and it was nice getting so many compliments on my weight loss from all of the people who haven't seen me in a while. For once in my life I feel like I'm a member of a club I was formerly locked out of, the we are working on being thinner and healthier club, I feel like I'm one of the gals, and it feels good.

It's so interesting comparing weight loss ideas and plans with people who I had thought were so thin they wouldn't even listen to a word I had to say before. One guy who I had been friendly with before didn't even recognize me. He did one of those fake Umm-Yeah-Sure-I-Know-Who-You-Are conversation things with me, and I didn't fill him in. I could tell it threw him that I knew his dog so well. He had this funny puzzled look on his face. Dealing with people feels so weird to me now and I just know it's going to get weirder.

We also went to Best Buys and bought a scanner for our new business venture here, and a new USB cable for my camera so I can edit my pictures finally, and what else... oh yeah a music making/editing software program for Scotty, and I finally bought myself a Game Boy, a little clear girly pink one so Beau won't steal it, (he has two of the new silver ones but I figured my buying a pink one would reduce the chances of its disappearing into the black hole of preteen chaos that is his bedroom), and an e-card reader so I can use the Game Boy to scan these cards into my Animal Crossing Game.
I'm looking forward to that. Playing Animal Crossing is such a fun relaxing diversion for me. I just love it.

I need your opinion on something, Scott and I are going to be listing this hand painted scenic design piece on eBay in a few days and I don't know too much about it. I bought it quite a few years ago from the estate of a man who was a famous art director/production designer. I think his name was < a href="http://www.imdb.com/Name?Carfagno,%20Edward%20C.">Edward C. Carfagno.</a> I bought a lot of books about dirigibles and photography and these wonderful set design pieces. The best ones were these painted pieces from Ben Hur. I don't even know what to call them, they aren't story boards, anyone know what you would call a hand painted mock up of a set? Jen, anyone? The Ben Hur pieces are these really beautiful starry blue landscapes of the desert with the Wise Men following the star. I don't know if I can bring myself to part with these, but this other piece which is also cool would be worth so much more to someone if I could either identify the film or the artist's signature. Anyone want to give it a whirl?

I'm going to post this shoddy picture of the signature to see what you make of it. We looked and looked at it and came up with any one of these possibilities; DuRohk, DuRohr, DuRolik, Duroliki, Dukohk, or maybe Dukohki. What do you think? I'll put the picture of the little painting behind the LJ cut because it's a bit big for some people's journals. Obviously I noticed the number on the apartment door and looked up 3A, but all I could find using that search was an obscure play that Jeff Daniels wrote, but nothing about a film. I also wondered about the glasses on the woman and her short skirt. Does that look sixties or seventies to you? I just thought I'd throw this out to you and see what you think because I know how super smart you all are even if you don't.

There is the most romantic movie on Lifetime and it is just killing me that Scott went home before we could make love, sigh. I am so in love and want him so badly right now. I'm also officially single

Love you monkeys,

PS: Beau looks super scary in his full on camouflage outfit, with the pants, the jacket, the gloves, the black mask, the helmet, and the goggles.

PPS: I'm seriously thinking about writing to Roseanne and Sharon Osbourne to see if there is any way I could pitch myself to them based on my talent and the fact that we were all formerly fat women who know what it feels like to be treated like shit because of it. Or I could just point out to Sharon that I have great taste, am really good with people, I used to run a chaotic nuthouse of a cable channel, and I'm a shopaholic, pet addicted gal with a teenaged son who loves her son, and a house that looks a lot like hers. Yep I get these ideas all the time, but I never act on them. I'm just so tired of worrying about money and I really should get back in the game and make something of my gifts.

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