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Feeling Hopeful, An Allergic Reaction, A Great Talk With a Pal, Camping, and Help I Need Some Pop Up Stopper Advice?

I'm sooooooooooo tired, as usual, but I'm also feeling so happy and hopeful today. I love the challenge of going through all of my abandoned boxes and things. In a way it's a little like Christmas because I keep discovering things that I had completely forgotten about. Yesterday we found two boxes of things that had been put away when I closed my little antique mall space in Santa Monica. I hadn't seen that stuff in years and miraculously the rats had left it alone. Although it surprised me how overpriced I had put everything, no wonder it didn't sell, sheesh. I so have to learn how to buy low and sell high. I would make the world's worst stick broker. Stick broker, hmmmm, I spose I wouldn't be too terrific at that either.

In my never ending quest for sleep, organization, the listing of items for sale on eBay, and making some time to make love with my guy, I am deep in the land of serious suckage. But on the positive side, I am making major progress in my life, sludging through old stuff, tossing aside the things I don't need and embracing the things I do. I mean this both materially and metaphorically.

Last night I had some kind of semiserious allergic reaction to something. It felt like a real warning from the beyond, something I should take very seriously like a, "Hey You, Stupid! Stop doing this right now before I send you into anaphylactic shock to really teach you this lesson you won't learn!" I'm not sure what exactly brought it on because I had done several not to bright things all at once. Anyone want to hazard a guess? I had taken my nightly medications, three new vitamin brands of vitamins I normally take, then used a new nail polish remover to take the seriously baked on polish off my toenails, spilled it, and mopped it up with paper towels. Then within a few minutes I felt flushed, sweaty, dizzy, sick, feverish, and my entire chest broke out in dozens of big bright red blotches and my face turned sunburnt red. It really scared me because my face and chest really hurt and my temperature shot up and I had to keep spritzing myself with water to cool off and then I went outside for a while and then little by little it calmed down.

Okay so these are our options, let me know what you think it could have been; Effexor that I have been taking every day now for about six years, one ten milligram Valium that I haven't had any reactions to before, one Roxicodone, ( a pain pill I keep taking and then having to wean myself off of because it's super addictive, probably screws with my metabolism, right when I'm wanting it to speed up so I can lose as much weight as possible before my little window of surgical weight loss opportunity closes, and I've had a hivey rash on my arms after having taken it that I thought might be attributable to it), several new vitamins from a new brand that my vitamin guy swore by, it's called Montiff and I had two Bs, a multi, and a Solgar iron pill, (I have to take these pills because of my surgery and have been taking them every day but the brand is new), and the capper, the one that probably put me over the allergy edge, I washed my feet with Purell Hand Sanitizer, then used a non acetone nail polish remover to get the polish off, spilled it all over my table, and used paper towels to mop it up. I breathed in a lot of the nail polish remover fumes and the main ingredient in the bottle is... Ethyl Acetate. So, your guess is as good as mine but I think to be safe I'm going to toss the nail polish remover and stay away from the Roxicodone for a looooong time.

The best thing that happened last night was that while I was buying that hat and scarf that my friend made, the ones that I showed you a couple of entries ago, I decided to go on over to my pal's site and see what she was up to. She has a cam and is often on but she is so busy and I've known her now for so many years that I don't always go by and watch her cam as much as I used to. I had this impulse to call and she actually answered and her voice sounded sooooo sweet and melodic and darling and we had the best conversation and I was sooooooo happy to be talking with her. We have so much in common; creative likes, political views, animal love, relationship issues, especially with our Moms, we're both seriously sensitive, creative and empathic, and I feel like we see the world in very similar ways. Anyway I love her and talking to her for so long made me feel better about caring so much about someone I've never met and who is so swamped that she can barely write e-mail let alone find the time to chat on the phone, and at the same time I write this I feel someone else could easily be writing this about me. Makes me want to pull Superwoman out of my ass and somehow be a better friend to anyone and everyone who wants me to be.

Okay so here is where I really need your help, I posted this in a friend's journal so I'm just going to copy it here and would so appreciate any help or ideas you guys might have, please, please please???

Ana, Thingie, Anyone Who Has downloaded Grokster or Kazaa? How do you disable the gazillions of pop up windows that just find me when I'm not even browsing? I just got Spyware and Adaware6 but I can't for the life of me figure out how to make these nasty little pop up windows go away. I mean I'm used to them popping up when I go to people's sites but this is new, these nasty little windows that come and say stupid things like, "Hello, this is your system talking, oooooooh much scariness, you are transmitting vital information and people [like us] will take advantage of you and send you pop ups. Come on over to our site and we'll get ride of them for you." Ironic since these are the very people who are sending them.

It seems like I have to run both of these spyware programs every time I sign on, grrrrr, but then whatever little spybuggy program I've got running in the background communicated with the mother ship and they send me a new batch. Do I need to disable cookies, but then some of my password thingies and sites won't work right? Or should I put up a list of everything that is running in the background so one of my many smart friends can figure out which ones I can nuke, or should I get rid of Grokster and go back to Kazaa? I've heard there is a program called Pop Up Stopper should I subscribe to them as well? And Scott made me subscribe to PC Magazine and they have a prog I can download called Power Start Up that should help me, but I've never had this problem before and it just pisses me off. Any ideas my darling darlings?

Just a few final teenie Wacqui life tidbits to throw your way; Did I tell you I bought two tents so we could camping? Yes, I've had to scale my ambitious Motor-Home-Burning Man-Hot-Desert-Survival ambitions down to, "Gosh, I sure hope we can drag our asses to some funky stream somewhere, and figure out how to put these tent stakes in the ground, and pee and shit in the bushes." Well, I doubt it will be that bad, because in my heart of hearts I'm hoping I can make these tents as lush and luxurious, happy and fun, as an ancient desert dwelling Arab, (although I don't know how much happy-fun those guys were actually having, unless it involved breeding camels or doing unspeakable things to their women's bodies with dates and honey).

I'm dreaming of packing up my big-ass Ford (I'm all about ass talk today aren't I?), the one that was purchased so I could tow my getting-brattier-by-the-minute thirteen year old around in an Airstream Trailer that I can't afford, sob, sob, with the tents, some sleeping bags, a big air mattress, Coleman comfort supplies, then head north for a trip up the coast ending in the Big Trees so Beau can see them. But I'd better make these plans fast because camp grounds fill up fast and time is speeding by. Before I know it he'll be starting seventh grade, Oh My God, and he won't want to do anything with me ever again. It not being cool to hang out with your Mom and all.

I think I told you I bought my own Game Boy in pale girlish pink so Beau won't accidentally borrow it and lose it in his room somewhere, the same way he lost and "found" my credit card in his pocket, and I bought an E-reader card for Animal Crossing, my flavorite game. Then last night I went and hunted down a few cards on eBay to scan in and I'll be able to play with those until I find all of the many cards that Scott has so kindly bought for us. There's even a guy on eBay who sold me a memory card for the game that he will personally load with whatever one hundred items I choose. I so hope that one pans out because that would be a blast.

Okay well, I'm off to my hot sunny Southern California backyard to fend off the leg biting flies and go through more rat peed and pooped on boxes. Wish me luck.

I love you, Jac

PS: Oh My God!!!!!!!!! I just caught myself about to do the stupidest thing I've ever done on eBay, and I thought accidentally buying my neighbors five thousand dollar lamp, and having to pay her $2,500.00 dollars for it was bad! I use a snipe service for a lot of the auctions I bid on so I won't get outbid and I entered the actual auction number instead of the maximum amount I wanted to pay in the payment field. So essentially I told this computer to bid, and it would have bid, $3,541,984,819.00 for a used craft magazine. Lord am I glad there weren't a lot of people out there who wanted that one. Three and a half billion dollars is a lot of money to pay for a used magazine.


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