Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

I am so looking forward to Roseanne's new show. I wish her well. I love her. It's starting right now, gotta go.

I'm back with a few quotes for you and here's a link to her website. Ya know I went there years ago and had some good chats with someone who I was sure was Roseanne using a different name and then I drifted away.

I'm sorry I did that, I wish I'd kept up. We have so much in common. I'm adopted. I'm fat. I've picked some really horrible men to get involved with. I'm an actor. I think I'm funny. I'm extremely creative and sensitive. I just had weight loss surgery. I'm planning on having cosmetic surgery. And people used to always tell me that we looked so much alike that I should play her daughter.

Anyway I'm happy for her. I liked her talk show and was sorry to see it go. I was looking forward to an Ab Fab project I heard she had in development that never panned out I guess. Basically I love the gal and I want her to succeed at whatever she's currently in to doing.

Can I just pause here to say I don't know what the fuck to think about Arnold Schwarzenegger running for governer, doesn't he use a penis pump, would that be a good thing or a bad thing? Just asking.

We want to win the war between good and evil and we want devine peace and we want money to do that.

Since the Roseanne show I havent had any success whatsoever. People think I'm Rosey Odonnel every where I go, so I dont know if anyone even remembers me

I have to take off my underwear and my wig. I want you guys to get me back on TV. All I care about is food, you'll know what to do.

I hope there's coffee and dougnuts. There better be doughnuts. As long as I stay in control of myself it's all okay. I want to eat and I want to cook and I want to meet famous peple and make fun of them.

I'm the genius and I'll take care of the funny.

Oh, I hate men! I'm ready to become a lesbian. Do you think that'll hurt me at Disney?

I am such a hideous people pleaser.
-- Roseanne

We just talked to him outside and he was talking about war, child abuse, and racism. I don't think we want to do a post apocalyptic cooking show. I thought this was supposed to be about comfort food. -- Roseanne's family/staff talking about their leading candidate for executive producer.

This is fun but I've got to go wash the damned bug spray off my naked body. I'll put on the TV in the bathroom. Night everyone.

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