Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Juxtaposition and Social Madness

Oh God I just signed on for a sec before I have to go over to my Mother's for my weekly sadomasochistic bill paying nightmare with Mom and her secretary, and the first thing I see popping out at me from my computer screen is this bombing in Baghdad. There is just something truly sickening about reading about fifty people dying in a fiery inferno of crumbling rubble in an embassy in Baghdad with a horrible picture, followed shortly thereafter by a cute set of colorfully striped plates and the heading, Great Decorating Tips for Under Ten Dollars. Not to demean the horror of this but it reminds me in a small way of those market magazines that promise holiday recipes for a cover shot of a rich gooey gorgeous cake just dripping with calories, and a big heading just underneath shouting, "Gwyneth! Madonna! Jennifer! Those Sizzling Bodies! How do they do it? Our Experts Tell All!" It's no wonder we're all so screwed up.

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