Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Full Moon Brings Kittens But No Period

Fifteen Minutes Old Ebony Ticked Oriental Shorthair Baby

Well, it turns out Irma was right about the Moon. Ping has had kittens. She's had four so far and may have one more. There is one sleek little black person, one brown tabby, and two grey tabbies. They are all mostly Oriental Shorthair because their Father was an Oriental Shorthair and their Mother was an Oriental Shorthair mixed with Sphynx and Cornish Rex. They're going to be super cool kitties just like their big sisters and brothers -- super affectionate, and smart, into everything and big kitty trouble.

I only have four pictures and their pretty poor quality because I didn't want to spook her by fiddling around with lighting or getting in her face too much, although we're really good friends and I've been massaging her belly and helping her out with warming up the kittens and cutting their umbilical cords. She's my special pal and it's pretty clear that she trusts me completely. I'm just going to include one picture here and put the other three behind the cut. I'll try to grab some more pictures tomorrow but we've got the funeral and Beau's buddy's little barbecue birthday party. I just wanted to share these with you because I am such a procrastinator and I always promise pictures and then never get around to it.

Okay this one looks kind of scary but we had just helped dry him off with a soft towel so I quickly snapped a shot of her/him. He/she was the first one born, all black and shiny. Much mewing, gonna be a talker.</i>

Here is Ping right after having delivered her second baby. She's cleaning up.

And here she is looking kind of tired after having washed up.

I'm on my way back to check on everyone and see how Mom is doing. I wish I had another picture of all the babies but I don't want to bother her too much. I'll try to sneak some for you tomorrow.

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