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Love, Prayers, and Cheers, for All of Our LJ Friends and Everyone Else Affected by this Blackout.

Love, Prayers, and Cheers, for All of Our LJ Friends and Everyone Else Affected by this Blackout. We're With You In Spirit Dear Friends!!!

Curly is so beautiful but he's so black that it's hard to get a good shot of him. Here is Uncle Curly and one of the babies on my bed.

God this black out has me feeling so frightened and concerned for people. It just reminds me so much of September 11. All of the TV channels tuned to the news, the mayor speaking, the shots of people walking across the bridges. Then there's a big fire here in downtown LA. I have chills up and down my arms. Poor people. Maybe I should just turn off the news but it feels like an abandonment of those poor people. Maybe everyone can get together like they did in '65 when this kind of thing happened once before and create a lot of little people who will make their debut in about nine months or so.

Weirdly, I'm seeing all kinds of Department of Water and Power trucks all over the place here. It's probably just a strange coincidence but I'm wondering if they're keeping us in the dark so to speak and just checking to make sure everything is okay. The LAPD are on tactical alert. If it's just a localized plant accident why are our police on alert all the way over here?

I just had three bites of a Lean Cuisine pasta thing for lunch and I so feel like I'm going to barf. I think this is dumping syndrome, darn it. Ouch, pain. Yeah Scott come do me baby. Hopefully I'll be feeling better by tonight. What was it, did I eat too quickly, have liquids too close to my "meal," was it the pasta? It's so hard trying to figure this new body of mine out.

I went to Mom's today to do the whole bill paying thing. I took Lulu our new Boston Terrier with me. She has a cold so I'm worried about her. I got to go nude swimming in the pool though and that was heaven. Surprisingly Mom didn't give me a hard time about it. Man, what is going on here? That is just not like her at all.

Oh phew my body is starting to calm down a bit. It's such a huge relief when it does. For a while there I just felt this panicky pain. I just can't get this eating thing down. It's so complicated; I'll feel super hungry and weak, so I think, Hmmmmm, maybe I'd better eat something. Then I eat something and I instantly feel so stuffed I think I'm going to be sick. Well, at least the super hungry weak thing will be off my back for a few hours. I just wish I'd lose some damned weight again. I seem to be stuck at a number I hate so much I don't even want to write it down and share it with you in my main journal.

I want so badly to be the perfect wifey grrrl to my Scott when he comes over. I want the cats in the bedroom, (he "may" be allergic), tucked away safely in the bathroom, which means we have to move Ping and her little litter to another space, (the shower maybe?), I want to be ready to list about three things on eBay so we won't have to sit here and slog through this for hours so we're too tired to spend any private time together, but I just don't know if I have the stamina to pull this off.

Poor Irma is really freaking out. Her family called from El Salvador yesterday to tell her that her Mother is bleeding from her mouth and her bottom. She's so worried and sad, even though her Mom was really mean to her when she was little and beat her all the time. I wish there was something more I could do for her.

Irma just came in with a present for me, a paper bag and... why look, it's moving, it's... wait... a kitten in a bag.

I just wasted more than an hour trying to make this collage out of these shots of Triple B ripping her way out of this bag and I got so frustrated with the clone and erase functions and the look of it that I just gave up and put this one up. You get the idea.

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