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Burning Man Tickets, My High School Broken Heart, Josephine Baker's Rainbow Tribe, and Weddings

Jen in her earlier days as a silent film vamp.

I just talked to my friend Jen. Jen is one of the coolest people on the planet. But then so is my friend Mary, and my friend Susan, and my friend Monique, and Aleida who literally lives walking distance from my house, (and my ex-sisters-in-law, and cousins-in-law, and everyone else I've forgotten to mention), like an idjut I never play with any of them in person. Isn't that pathetico?

Anyway today Jen, who you all know as The Olive here on Live Journal, passed a friend in the hall at her multo fabuloso job and sold one of my Burning Man tickets for me, that leaves me with just one to go. You know I swear the ticket itself is so pretty, and I love Burning Man so much, I might just keep this little two hundred dollar piece of paper to add to my Burning Man wanna-be scrapbook pile o' papers. I have them in a medium sized plastic box on the top of the bookshelf behind me. The swag that people pass out there is not to be believed it's so cool. Thanks Jen, I love you.

She also helped me revise the title of my listing so here it is with the new title.

Sometimes, or well, most of the time, I think I am one of the luckiest people on the planet. I've never been without a man to love and be loved by. Well, at least not since high school when I was in hell because most of my pals had boyfriends and I just couldn't figure it out to save my life, and I was in big hurt over Marty Passetta Jr.'s having dumped me, (because John Doran wanted me for himself and told him that I only liked him because his dad directed the Academy Awards and I wanted to go, which was so not true, I really truly liked Marty, it was a chemical thing and I had a huge crush on him.) I haven't had to live with cancer in my own body. I have the full use of all of my senses and I have all four of my limbs. I have a pain-in-the-ass child who I love with all my heart. I have my own home and a garden. I have pets galore. I can buy pretty much whatever I want or need. I live in a relatively decent city, hmm, might have to revise that one soon though. All in all life is pretty wonderful if I focus on the good stuff. On the other hand I could paint a pretty painful portrait of hurt if I wanted but we're trying to remain chipper here so I'll just leave it at that.

I just asked Scott to marry me on the phone. No big deal I've been proposing to him for years but we both know I don't really mean it. I love him so much and it just feels so good to say. If I were serious about this I'd want him to propose to me in some fantastic way, I've never had that, and he's had enough proposals in his lifetime.

I'm just a wedding nut and want to have another one with my Scotti. I want to be the skinny sexy bride in the gorgeous pearl, bead, and sequin-covered lace and satin dress, with sugary flowers and little kids, and loads of friends all around. I also want to have loads of money, with a big enough house for us to live comfortably in, and I wouldn't mind a great big nursery with room for three more kids, one who we sire ourselves and find a reliable healthy surrogate mother to give birth to, a little girl from an orphanage in China, and an African American baby who needs a loving home. That would really complete the...hang on, having a brain stutter here, shit, I hate this... phew, Josephine Baker,(God, I had to go to Google and type in Paris, Black, topless, and bananas, to come up with her name, for shame Jacqui), let's try this sentence again; That would really complete the Josephine Baker Rainbow Tribe fantasy, if I could just pull it off without going broke, losing my beloved husband, and my French castle in the process.

So much work to do as usual. I wasn't able to pull off the cleaning and the eBay listing last night so it's been put off until today and now I have to jump on it. Okay me go.

Love you,

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