Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

89 LBS All Gone, The Sharon Osbourne Show, and the Kiddie Pool

One pound to go before I will have lost ninety! I can't believe it. It's so amazing!

Oh, and I actually tracked down the phone number, called the Sharon Osbourne show and pitched myself as a guest to their machine. You can't do that with Oprah, they won't take phoned or mailed in ideas at all, anything unsolicited has to come through e-mail, but I hear that they do read them.

Which of my wonderful, dear, sweet friends here pointed out the page for tickets to the show? I want to thank you but because of my brain fuzz I can't remember who it was. Please forgive me, I hate being like this, I really do.

We're going to go next Wednesday at one. They aren't allowed to tell you who their musical or celebrity guests will be in advance so I couldn't pick a favorite and come then darn it, but I'm thrilled to be going. She tapes two shows a day, one at two and another at six. She must be a powerhouse of energy. I did read an article saying that things were crazy on the set and that two producers had to be hospitalized. That sounds a bit far fetched to me. I'm just really happy to be able to go watch. Thank you so much!

Okay well, I've got to go take a bath, drain the murky water out of the kiddie pool -- filthy after just one day, sigh, and make a credit card payment. Scott is calling, me go.

Hugs and love or love and hugs,

This is what Lulu looks like, but naughtier and jump, jump, jumpier.

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