Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Mascara Recomendations Wanted and My Favorite Scents and Brands

I've been wondering, what mascara is your very favorite? I hate all mascara. I'm just so damned sensitive that the feeling of dried black crap on my eyelashes really really bothers me. However I know that they look so much better with it than without it. I know that Maybelline Great Lash is an old time fave, but lately I've been using a Chanel wand that is for people people with fine lashes. I just thought I'd toss this out there and see what you think.

While we're at it, what are your other favorite products -- what makeup do you regulalry use, who are your favorite brands? What are your fave perfumes? Just curious.

I love Mac, Stila, Bobby Brown, Shiseido, Fresh, Benefit, Chanel, and I just bought a few things by Estee Lauder of all brands because they had these shiny new containers.

Perfume-wise there are so many I love, I'm such a scent addict and I hardly ever remember to wear them. I just stack them up on my mirrored silver trays and put them in this two sided glass cabinet I have in the bathroom. I'm getting better about wearing them though. Here are just a few that I have and love; Opium, Baby Doll, Angel, Lolita Lempicka, Anything by Guerlain, cK One, Escada, White Shoulders, Fracas, Antonias Flowers and her other two scents, Fleurs de Chocolate Lucia, Hanae Mori , Comptoir Sur Pacific, Gucci Rush 2, Route D'ete, Eau D'Hadrien by Annick Goutal, Fresh Pear Casis, Costume National, Sugar, Ysatis, any cheap Hawaiian perfume or oils, Tendre Poison, Hypnotic Poison... Argh I'm too tired and there are so many more that I love. Basically I love anything super sweet with jasmine, gardenia, plumeria, torch ginger, tuberose, chocolate, vanilla, peach, green apple, fig, and I like some spice, then on the other end of the spectrum I like citrusy cents with lemon, orange and grapefruit. I hate patchoulli and musk even though I know so many people love them.

We worked on the garage again today. the dogs jumped all over me and scratched me and the kids made a swamp of our backyard, splashing all of the water out of the pools. I ate compulsively, like I was trying to fill a need or a hole that couldn't be filled. I made myself walk on my treadmill though because I promised Scott I would. I so want tot ake off that one more pound to make my total weight loss up to this point a whopping ninety pounds.

I just got a new driver's license because my old one expired. I took out my old one when I put the new one in and even I didn't recognize myself in the picture. it was so weird, it seemed as if I was looking at this picture for the first time, as if some trick of magic had been played on me and my face in my old picture had gotten so much fatter than I remembered it. Wow, this is some ride.

Night night everyone. I can't wait to go to sleep and cuddle with my kitties. Then I get to have wonderful complicated fun dreams, and tomorrow I wake up and get to do it all over again.


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