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My Favorite LJ Post and Comment of the Day

My Favorite LJ Post and Comment of the Day. Why Can't Someone Implant a Game Cube Joystick Chip of Some Kind Into My Hands and Animal Crossing in my Eyes So I Can Play It Whenever I Want? Please Will You Say a Prayer for All of Our Sick Pets, Pinky With His Pneumonia, Lulu Who Has a Cold, All the Kitties With Their Weird Herpetic Upper Respiratory Virus, and the Doggies With Their Sore Ears?

I just snagged this from Elizabeth's journal because I liked it so much I wanted all of my pal's to see it too. Hope she doesn't mind.

"I am invisible. I type in invisible 1s and 0s. you can't hear me. my words make no sound.

Increasingly disgruntled with humanity. So many people. So little critical thought. So much mean-spiritedness. So few compassionate souls. So hasty the judgment. So slow the justice.

In the fable, there is one grasshopper and many ants. I think there are many, many grasshoppers and not enough ants. We need more ants. And cookies. Ants like cookies.

on a completely unrelated note, i'd like to take this opportunity to endorse the golden rule. yes, i am a non-believer, but i am not immoral. i have a strong sense of right and wrong; it's based on human rights and natural law. Justice, if you prefer.
when asked about his religious affiliation, abraham lincoln said, " when i do good, i feel good. when i do bad, i feel bad. that's my religion." some people rely on the bible to define what is right and wrong. think the golden rule works really well as a moral compass. do unto others...; it's pretty simple. and i like jesus' take on it, too: "whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers, you do unto me." (Mt. 25:40) . that certainly adds a universal perspective. let's extrapolate, shall we: whatsoever you do (good or bad) to those less fortunate, you do to yourself. or you do to EVERYONE. karma, anyone? it works in buddhism, too: "the fundamental delusion of humanity is that i am here and you are out there." - yasutani roshi.

be kind. it's not difficult. it gets easier with practice.

Awwww that line about cookies and grasshoppers and the quote from Lincoln. A totally soul satisfying read.

Why not be nice and be naked?

It's weird and wonderful and beautifully synchronistic but I was just over at Roseanneworld.com commiserating about the cancellation of her show with like minded folks and one of the messages that she keeps putting out there is to be kind, or well, to be nice, same thing.

I remember once reading an interview with Meg Ryan, and please forgive me Miss Meg if I am remembering this incorrectly, but she was going off on how we all are so wrong for trying to be so nice all the time and that she doesn't like it when people tell her son to be nice, play nice, etc. Who knows how taken out of context that piece was or how badly I'm recalling this interview that I read, but it stuck with me, how differently we feel about this. I have been trying to be loving and kind, to essentially be nice to everyone every single day for years, so many years that I can't remember any more when I started, and I do fail, sometimes miserably, but I'm a better person for the trying, and the world I know is a better world for it as well. So I have tried to instill this in my son as well. I so live by the golden rule which is why I loved this post so much.

Now here's my favorite comment from annina-writes;
"Eeek!!! I just reread the bit about the Yorps from Jake. Ask novembertrees and elfdancer if I'm fabricating or even stretching the truth on the following. They had a cat, Oliver North by name (because he shredded things of course), Ollie for short, who learned to talk in English. I'm NOT making this up! He would say, "Owwwwt!" for out...he was particularly good at those ending consonants, which is why it wasn't just a weird meow. And all meat was "Haaaam!" And milk was "meeeel-K!" I swear that when I first came in contact with the beastie, I thought everyone was exaggerating about him; then he sidled up to me in the kitchen and quite clearly said, "meeeel-K!" I kinda looked around as if to say, "who said that..." but he was just there smiling at me. He continued to stare at me and said it again. "Milk, Ollie? You want milk?" He head-butted me softly and said, "Nowwwww!" I gotta tell you, I was shaking. "Hey, everyone," I hollered back into the living room where everyone was playing Dungeons and Dragons, "Ollie just said milk." They shrugged and said, "So, give him some."

It got better. They stayed with us for a while over the Easter holidays and Ollie came with them...they were between houses...their new one wasn't quite ready...and on Easter Sunday, Elfdancer and I were carving up the ham. Ollie was being a total pest, "Ham! Ham! Ham!" and we both kept saying, "NO! Get out of here!" Finally, I bent down, looked him in the eyes and said, "Ollie, NO HAM!" and went back to dishing up something.

Then to my utter disbelief I heard, and I mean I heard quite clearly, "Why NOTTTTT!"

There was half a second of silence. I looked at Elfdancer. She looked at me. We both said together, "Why not?" [major shivers ensued] It was surreal. It was impossible. We didn't get it on tape. And the saddest part? By the time he was about 18 months old he had stopped! Except for the occasional "out," that was it for the days of the talking cat. But it's something I'll certainly never forget, and is a totally true tale.

Scott would be perfect for Queer Eye...gods but I love that show!!! Chris and I never miss it...they are so entertaining and really DO have great taste. I don't know Scott that well, but if you say so, he'd be perfect. :-) Tell him I think he's cute as he is, but why not a new him to match the new you? Right?

Okay...I'm outta here...I'm such an LJ addict! Time to do something really scary...cook! LOL!!

Love ya!

You know I really believe this because I know for a fact that my cat Jade could say Ham, Mirau could say Mama, and Jake is really trying to say something, although what the hell it could be no one ever knows. It sounds something like, "Myorp, yeeeorp, mwahnk, mwap." But them sometimes it sounds like, "Ahhhrawww, raaaaa, mreeeeeeeehhhh, wonk."

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