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Help Save the Yellowstone BioGems's Grizzlies!

Dear NRDC BioGems Defender,

The Bush administration is about to take another step forward in its disastrous
scheme to take Yellowstone's last remaining grizzly bears off the endangered
species list by 2005. If successful, this delisting would throw open some of
the bear's most important habitat to rampant oil and gas development, as well
as allow the surrounding states to resume grizzly hunting.

But before the administration can move forward with this scheme, it must show
that it is taking steps to ensure the bear's future protection. To that end,
the U.S. Forest Service, which has authority over about 75 percent of the
grizzly's Yellowstone habitat, has submitted a proposed management plan for the

As currently written, that plan leaves millions of acres of prime grizzly
habitat unprotected and vulnerable to commercial exploitation.

Please contact the Forest Service immediately and tell it to withdraw these
proposed plans before they push the grizzly bear back to the brink of
extinction. You can send an electronic message right now by going to

Time is running out for the grizzly. Only 200 years ago, more than 100,000
grizzly bears still roamed the American West. But a century-long campaign of
extermination drove the majestic bear from 99 percent of its historic range.
The grizzly would have vanished from the lower 48 states were it not given
endangered species protection in 1975.

Today, the Greater Yellowstone and Glacier Park ecosystems are the grizzly
bear's last strongholds in the continental U.S. But the embattled Yellowstone
population may number as few as 250 bears and has been cut off from other
grizzlies for more than a century.

The very survival of the Yellowstone grizzly now depends on aggressive
protection of its wild habitat so that the bear can be linked up, through
connecting forests, with healthier populations in Canada.

A female grizzly requires about 200 square miles of wild habitat, with little
human disturbance. She can ill afford the destruction of her favorite foraging
and denning areas. That's why the Bush administration's plan for delisting the
bear -- and the invasion of roads, wells, pipelines and chainsaws that would
follow in its wake -- could prove fatal to the grizzly bear's recovery.

Please call on the Forest Service to ensure the grizzly bear's future by
protecting its best habitat right now, before it is destroyed forever.

Go to http://www.savebiogems.org/yellowstone/takeaction.asp
and send your message on behalf of Yellowstone's grizzlies. Thank you.


John H. Adams
Natural Resources Defense Council

. . .

BioGems: Saving Endangered Wild Places
A project of the Natural Resources Defense Council

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