Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Swap Meet Sunday, Rachel Ashwell, Monica Lewinsky, and Friends

If only you could feel BBB's fur right now. She's out little miracle kitten, still wheezing and not so terrific around the eyes, but definitely thriving, eating like a kitty pig and doing just so well -- so much better than we could ever have hoped for. She's sitting here right now watching my fingers fly over the keys, then turning around and watching the cursor, ope, now she's grabbing for my fingers and wants to lay on the keyboard.

I had a wonderful fun day today. I got up early, slathered myself with sunscreen, and went to my favorite swap meet/flea market, the Santa Monica Airport fourth Sunday of the month one. Ook hard to type when I can't see the screen, B, is standing on her little feet and patting the cursor, now she;s turned around and looking at me, much kitty distraction. hang on while I give her a love squish. She's a little tortie, (tortoiseshell), monster, and she is so spoiled. We've all been doting on her for so long that she thinks she can get away with anything and pretty much does.

I had planned on getting there at five am and beating Rachel Ashwell and her Shabby Chic pick over contingent, but instead I got there at eleven and wound up seeing Monica Lewinsky, (this has got to be my fourth or fifth time seeing her), try on two hats, ask for the price, which was a super low fifteen dollars, and then put them back. The funny thing was that the sweet and super pretty salesgal, whose booth I was buying things from, and I were laughing at something, I can't even remember what, and Monica looked at us and said, "Are you laughing at me?" It was awkward and made me feel a little bit sorry for her. I mean she is so infamous, everyone knows who she is, how can she escape that? How can anyone look at her and not think, "Wow, I'm standing not more than three feet away from the woman who gave Clinton a blow job, did something pretty intimate with a cigar, and kept that dress? And every woman I know wants to ask her the same question, what does it look like, and how big is it?

I made my usual rounds, visited my favorite seller friends. I was hoping to find a few things to buy low and sell for more on eBay and I think I pulled that off. But of course I spent a lot on myself as well. The people who know me let me postdate checks until after the first and for me that's about as bad as using a credit card, maybe worse. I bought some beautiful filmy silky hand painted skirt scarf things that are so beautiful and fairy like. They're also super overpriced, but I'd never seen this woman's things before, she packs up early and splits before I ever get there, and oh there they were just blowing the breeze, pastel whisps of silk, with lace, rhinestones, beading and glitter. Heavenly romantic dresses, and the skirts fit me, I couldn't believe it so I had to get some.

I bought a few dresses from my old pal Pat, (love Pat), that I am going to try to resell on eBay. One is this amazing black and white silk harlequiny kind of number, and another one looks like a modern copy of one of Granny's dresses but I can't remember the designer. Then I met a woman behind Pat who had some playschool pieces. I had to get the Busy Bee with the twirling plastic wings and the wooden abacus with the pretty colored beads, just had to.

I bought a slinky black sequined number from the pretty brunette sweetheart of a gal I mentioned before, and she was selling things for her friend. From her friend I bought some vintage black and white photos to try to resell, some crochet hooks and some really cool tile pots that she had made out of broken plates that she grouts together. I've seen a lot of these, (and keep promising myself that one day I'll do my round porch table with all the bits and pieces from my broken things bucket, but I never do), and these were definitely up there with some of the coolest ones I've ever seen.

I hung out with Bob and Rhonda. Love them. Bob was kind of a punk rock guy in the eighties, I can't remember if he was a musician, but he seems to have a lot of serious musician friends from bands whose names you would know. He is so cool. And Rhonda, what a love she is. I find it so hard to believe they are old enough to have two grandchildren. I just love sitting in their booth, listening to whatever great music he has playing and watching their friends come and go. Today I bought a Leon Fighiera head bust from them, a McCoyish pale green bowl to add to my growing collection on either side of my fireplace, and the coolest, weirdest, cutest, primitive little wooden doll, with big googley eyes like Lulu's, who has a button on his back and when you push it, his black straw hair sticks straight up, so cool.

Next I got drawn in by a floating art dealer. He doesn't have a regular assigned space so I don't know him, but he had some great paintings at good prices. I bought two landscapes by a listed artist who died in 1950, one a nice California landscape, green, with trees, mountains, and a rocky stream, and little dusky purple piece that was painted on a wooden cigar lid.

After art man, I went to see Sandy and Cheryl. I love them and always have fun visiting and buying things. Sandy has the best vintage clothes, Lord knows how she keeps such a great inventory, and has been helping me find my Granny's dresses, and Cheryl is a friend of Robby's childhood friends so we have that connection and she has fabulous jewelry. I bought a stripey green dress from Sandy that I don't think she really loved but it was asking to be taken home, and a cool sixties seventies, or whenever, tapestry bag. I've never had one of them before and it just felt right. Oh and she sold me these super pretty pink satin ballet like slippers with big pink roses on them. I had the best time sitting there gossiping and chatting with them.

I really realize the value of just sitting with people I love and passing the time with them when I hang out at the flea markets, especially this one because it's more intimate. I don't allow myself to do this very often, but it always happens at the swap meets. I just sit with these people I like and who I have so much in common with and watch the world go by on these beautiful sunny days. You meet the best people, and it's always, always a blast, plus people bring their dogs so there are many dog kiss meet and pets along the way. What more could a gal ask for? An art studio and an endless supply of money and a constant flow of loving sex?

Hmmm, how about health, peace on earth, and money for everyone, no AIDS or Cancer or Diabetes or disease of any kind? Ummm, and how about no kill shelters and a universal ban on declawing, and no limit on the number of pets you can have as long as you can prove you are caring for them well? Oooh and wouldn't it be cool if Mother earth could wave her magic sparkly twinkle wand and clean up the mess we've made and make everything clean and beautiful again? Oh and it would also be super handy if my Mom's creepy housekeeper Rosa would just slink off to someone else's house to feed off of them for a few years.

I guess as long as I'm asking, I wouldn't mind having all of this sagging skin just firm itself up overnight so my back would stop hurting so much, and oooh could Beau and I have complete dental make overs in our sleep so we'd wake up with everything fixed and looking like we'd just been to Brite Smile? Oh and one last thing, major success for both Scott and me, career wise? Yeah that would do it for tonight.

Of course I visited my favorite dealer friends Terri and Jimmy. Terri is amazing, she's so sweet and kind, and has the best taste in the world. She's also really pretty, with a great body, awesome boobs and she just doesn't see herself this way, which makes me sad, cause with just the slightest shift in her self perception she could see herself the way everyone else does, as this beautiful, generous, vibrant, gifted woman, and be so much happier.

Her space is always so beautifully decorated with vintage lace, silks, and velvet, vintage millinery flowers, hats, china, sterling silver, books, clothes, oh well, just about everything cool and vintage you could imagine. We always go for the same kinds of things, and she's so generous. I'll buy a bunch of things from her, and she'll throw in things in for free for me to give to my housekeepers or their kids or just because she knows I'll like it. But I've bought cool things for her too, things I knew she would love, so it all works out. What did I buy from her today, oh, an amazing silk satin children's outfit from the thirties

She hurt her ankle pretty badly today when a big heavy wooden mirrored piece feel off this table and scraped a good chunk of skin off the back of it. I felt so bad for her, she seemed so sad and shaken. She has diabetes and if you know anything about diabetics they are constantly worried about getting any kind of injury to their feet and hands, Their circulation isn't too terrific and even a little cut on a toe can turn into a major infection that leads to amputation. I did everything I could, got her to sit down, put ice on it, but that hurt too much, ran and got some Neosporin from my car and rubbed that all over it, then I rubbed her back for a while and she calmed down.

I hated leaving her and her husband was busy packing up but I had to get home to Irma who needed to be relieved, she had worked all day watching the kids and moving my stuff from our older smaller unit into the brand new bigger one. We have to get everything out of the garage so we can remodel it so we'll have an art space finally. Well, an art/storage space that will be ratty free. I just wish I could get a picture of these rats for you, they are so pretty that I forgive them for everything they've done. I just want to relocate them somewhere warm and safe with lots of foods for them to snack on and I haven't quite figured out where that is yet, or even how to do it.

I hardly ate anything today and I really didn't mind at all. I was feeling kind of weak at one point and had half of a water cracker dipped in peanut butter and that completely revived me. Then when I got home Irma had cooked up some pasta for the kids so I ate about four pieces of rotelli and I was full. I just had some string cheese, wheat thins and a pound o' vitamins. Not an all together healthy enough food day for a Wacqui but I'll try to do better. Oooh I know I'll have an orange before I go to bed.

I'm counting my five hours at the flea market as my exercise because you really do do a lot of walking. My back was hurting so badly I was stopped over by the time I got home and after sitting on the lawn and playing with the kids who were having a dinner picnic, then coming in and playing with the cats and dogs, I headed upstairs to bed to lay down for a few hours. Now I'm here chatting with you and checking my auctions. Of course I haven't made a dent in the overflowing e-mail pile but I'll try to work on that a bit tomorrow.

I can't believe this is Beau's last week of summer. It went by so fast. It feels like I was just sitting her typing our overreaching goals for the summer. I was going to take Beau to the gym and get him tutored and playing an instrument. Although we did go to Sea World, San Diego and Lego Land, and had a great trip to Hawaii. I did buy him a couple of silly plastic backyard splash around pools, and plenty of electronic gaming play stuff. And we take lots of walks together and go to the movies, she he hasn't been completely deprived. I just love having him home and hate it when he goes back to school and we have to try to squeeze everything we want to do into two miserable days every weekend.

Tuesday we are both going to go to Fred Segals to our favorite stylist Matthew, (he did Sharon Stone's hair before she started cutting it herself), and get our hair colored and cut. I'm going for something a little more swingy and layered to hide the thinning and do something with the color so it will at least be all of the same color on the bottom and then go for some highlights. Then I'm going to call Miss Sonia and see if she's still in town and get some extensions. I can't stand pulling a clean brush through my hair everyday and seeing the gobs of hair that come out. Hey, I should complain, I'm not dealing with cancer here, I know, it's just that I'd always fantasized that one day, when I lost the weight, if I kept my hair long and sexy, everything would be looking good at the same time, oh well. Beau is going to get his hair cut shorter and then bleach it white. I wish he'd go for the wild peacock blue he had before, it was so gorgeous.

I'm assembling my collage card for the card deck I'm participating in, in my head, dreaming up ideas. I think I'm going to go for a watery background with dreamy images of my fantasy adopted Chinese daughter. I've just got to figure out how to work the number nine and two spades in there somehow because that's my card.

Okay my friends, well, it's off to bed to cuddle with cats for me. I am so beat.

Love you,


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