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I Love My Live Journal Friends!

Kittens, Ana Has Turned Me Into a Yarn Nut, Pills and Vitamins, Hair Loss, Sorting Through More Boxes, and Women's Suffrage.

Good morning my darlings! This picture is for all of you who I want to keep in touch with, and whose journals are sorely lacking in my commentage. I wanted to find an image that would express how much I love and appreciate all of my Live Journal friends and family, and I know this is too romantic, but hey I'm girlie, so it fits.

I tried to take some pictures of the kittens for you so you could see them and get a sense of their still-tiny size, but they are so wiggly and kitteny it was a fairly lost cause.

At least you can sort of see them, but they won't sit still for a second, especially not when I steal them away from Mama, bring them in my office and place them, gently, on my keyboard.

This one's a little better but still too fuzzy. I think I'll wait till they're a little bigger, and sadly, but also hopefully, these will be the last kittens we have here, unless we foster some.

I feel so guilty that we let this happen again. My friend Susan teases me about being the most irresponsible responsible animal lover she knows. They're so wonderful and I'm grateful and adore every precious little kitty life, but I know it's completely irresponsible and wrong of me to have let this happen, especially when there are so many cats dying in our fucking so called "shelters."

We finally fixed all the boys but it looks to me like Sydsu, our Whatever-Ticked, (I can never remember the fussy name they call his color, but it's basically tabby), Oriental Shorthair, got in a little last-minute pussycat action with one of the nursing Mama's, just before he was hauled off to the hospital, for the fixing of certain kitten making parts. That whole business of not being able to get pregnant while you're nursing, well, that's off completely, just right off. Our girls were so horny and ready for action, they'd be mewing and shoving their bottoms up into the boys faces, even with thier kittens still clinging on to their nipples.

I was decidedly not horny just after I had Beau, but maybe that's because I tore and had so many stitches, and was suffering from sore boobs and a complete lack of sleep. But when I was pregnant, oh Lord, that was a different matter, I wanted sex round the clock, in the shower, on the counter, standing at the window, in the bath, on the floor by the refrigerator, in the car...

Here are a couple of pictures of some of the booty I brought home from the yarn store yesterday. Can you see that one spool with the pale, peach colored yarn, covered in sequins? Guess what nutty, hat-crocheting friend of mine that little sixty dollar present is for? God, knitting is expensive. I had no idea. I actually feel bad about this because I could have bought a used computer for Esther's little girl for what I paid for all of this yarn. Well, to be fair I have given her a used computer, and a new one to Eduardo, and two used ones to Irma and her family, it's just that they age so quickly and there is just no way on this earth that I can keep my own and Beau's computers current, let alone keep up with speeding computer techonology for five more kids. No matter how much I want to be able to.

I'm going to use the green yarn at the top of this picture to make a sweater. I looove green. But first I have to learn to knit, so I'm going to play around by making a scarf. Irma is going to teach me to crochet. Oh and there's a cool book that I wish I could just loan you, (or somehow let you flip through the pages of, so you wouldn't have to spend the money like I did), of celebrities and the scarves they knit. It has Darryl Hannah on the cover, (whose parents are friends of my parents somehow, God, who doesn't my Mother know in some way, Larry Flynt?), and all of the scarves were said to have been knit by the women inside, (Oh wait I think Isaac Mizrahi may have knit one -- love him -- so glad he's made a nice comeback from his financial troubles, I swear he's so lovable I wish I could kiss him and cuddle up with him), then the scarves were auctioned off for AMFAR. Nice.

I have my usual, enormous line of pills here in front of me that I have to take. And I promise Brendan that as soon as I get a chance I'll check out your recommendation. I also need a good hair and nail vitamin. My aunt, who I am no longer calling my fake-aunt, because we're friends again, it's amazing what a little gift of a Brother IZ CD will do for a person, I think I should send them to everyone, seriously, said that I should take something called Nioxin -- that it's helped her a lot with her thinning hair, and my stylist has me using a Kerastasse, (Oh God do I love anything made by Kerastasse! If you ever take one of my recommendations seriously this is the one. This stuff will make the most brittle, screwed-up overprocessed hair feel like silk. Sonia are you listening? You should sell this stuff to your clients, seriously), product that has some awful name like, "Hey There You Old Bag! Use This For Your Thinning Elderly Hair!" Hello, what about people undergoing chemo, or big gals losing way to much weight way too quickly?

The Rogaine thing is out for now while they debate about it's dangers to the liver, yikes. Someone please tell Diane Keaton, I read somewhere that she uses it. We all know my ex never did, since he's as bald as the capitol building, so at least he won't have to worry about his liver over this one. The drinking though -- that's another story.

But back to the pills, and just for fun, here they are in order; an anti-depressant, Effexor, (Gosh what is there to be depressed or everly emotional about these days? Beats me Sadham Hussein, or maybe that should be Beat Me Sadham Hussein), two Colace , a Synthroid for my non-functioning thryoid, the pill I take whose name I can't remember right now because this is the pill that is supposed to help me remember things and stay focused, lovely, two Advil that look like candy, (love that since I don't get any candy anymore), a vitamin C, two multi's, two Bs, an iron pill, and a giant flax seed capsule that I can barely choke down. Bleh, pill taking, not fun, and yet so good for you and somehow tiny stomach fillingly positive, heh.

Well, I have people waiting on me to sort through the detritus of my life. Things that have been comingled with the chewings and left overs of a certain wild brown tribe of rat's lives. Plus make me promise that I will walk and I will call the gynecologist and I will call the dentist, okay? Not. How about if I just walk and call the doctors tomorrow? Would that be all right with you? Pretty please? I don't like doctor people, (no matter how nice they are, poking around inside my oriffices), not nice, no not nice at all. Now who's being the big baby? Yes, you're right Mr. Scott.

Today after I pick Beau up from school we're going to go to the mall to Hot Topic so my little guy can buy school clothes that will make him look like a recycled version of myself in the eighties, only now they call it Goth. I am feeling so old lately, blah.

I love these vintage suffrage cards. Makes me proud to be a part of this lineage of women who had to fight so hard and struggle so mightily to gain the rights that our girls toss aside so lightly. The whole history of voting rights gets me riled, but I have to go, and there's always plenty of time to rattle on about this another time.

Love you all!

This one makes me think about how careful I have to be to instill respect for women in my son.

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