Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

I so wish I had the time to talk to you, I love you guys so much! I just scanned my friends list and so many people have added me, and so many people have deleted me. It's heartbreaking, the deleting part.

I want to know all of you. I want to be brave enough to come over to your houses and play with you, or at least call you on the phone and chat, but besides being swamped to a tizzy, and distracted by my fuzzy ADD brain, I'm shy and a bit self protective. If you read my journal you'll see why.

Anyway as I told a couple of new and old friends here today, I am literally stealing time away from bathing, (I swear I am going to go naked downstairs and wash my hair with the hose in my back yard, that's how badly I'm needed out there right now to go through all of these boxes, and it won't be romantic a la Meryl Streep and Robert Redford in Out of Africa, sigh), to just check in quickly and try to respond to the latest comments.

My assistant Irma just poked her head in the door a few minutes ago and gave me an exasperated high sign in Spanish meaning, it's time to get your bottom in gear Missy. I have less than three hours to go through boxes, try to look presentable to take my son to his annual school picnic, go to storage, go to the pharmacy, come back and work in the office, oh it's just too boring to bother you with. So as usual I will not be able to read your journals and I will not be able to comment and I will not be able to work on my collage card but I will still love you and be your friend even if that doesn't make any sense. Hang in here with me for just a little bit longer will you?

Big loving hugs,

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