Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Eleven Kids, a Garage Full of Ratties, and Ten Thousand Pets

Isn't this the most gorgeous little man? You asked if he was for adoption and I really sweated over this, but I can't bear to part with him. Just look at those gorgeous eyes.

And here is my darling Sparkle. Is this a vampire kitty or what? He likes to rub his spiky little teeth on us and we actually like it.

We had too much action going on over here today. I've really turned into a kind of mini-recluse and I'm never more aware of how out of balance my home has become than when people come over.

We managed to catch our escaped turned wild kitty Mina in one of the rat traps, so that was a big relief and a thrill, and that was the good part of the day. But then our contractor, who is one of my Mother's best friend's son-in-law, stopped in, which forced us all to face the disaster of the garage and dive in. With a deadline of Monday looming over us we have to get every last thing out of there and it's just so upsetting to open drawers and find the entire contents chewed to bits by the rats, and the mess, well, you don't need me to go into it. It's just hard facing it and having to decide to throw so much stuff out. I know that ultimately this will be good for all of us, but the stress of it, and the cost, blech. Oh and never mind that the contractor, whose name is Barry and who seems like a really decent guy, told me that he thinks he's actually helped his wife and mother-in-law learn to like me a bit more. I hadn't known they didn't like me before, but apparently, because of my Mother's high opinion of me, they had me labeled as being a "flake", lovely. Now they just think I'm a caring eccentric. And I can't call my Mother on it or it'll go right back to Barry who will then know not to trust me with sensitive information. Big sigh.

Aside from all of the pets we had a house full of kids today. Irma had her four kids. Esther had her husband and daughter Andrea over, I had my son, and Irma's daughters had three school friends over. Then my friend Karen and her cute little boy Rico came over. Now I'm waiting for Scott.

I want to run to my room and hide under the covers with snacks and the channel changer, but what can I eat really, and I can't blow off my beloved Scott. I was so happy to see Karen and her son too. We've been friends for so many years and I will always love her to pieces. What does that mean though, love you to pieces? Sounds kind of violent. And God what do I have to do to get caught up, it just seems like there is a never ending mountain of work around here to do, work on my home, work on myself, does everyone go through this? Well, I suppose not everyone has a hundred pets and a budding teenage monster boy and an elderly mother and two hard working nonresident pals and their families to support. How did I ever let it get so out of control? Oh well, I'll just get very twelve step about this and remind myself that it's one step at a time, and to take it easy, and what other slogan can I sling around here, umm, Rome wasn't built in a day?

A simple but lovely little memorial tribute to the victims of 9/11 by Will Wheaton, the actor who played the kid on Star Trek the Next Generation. He seems like a really cool guy : )

Here's one of our last little kittens sleeping on my bed today. Scott thought this was a picture of my best friend cat, Jake.

Here's the real guy, my one eyed best friend kitty, Jake the Pirate Cat.

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