Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Ebay Temptation, Sick Kitties, Mom Called Me Psycho, Hmmmmmm

Watch as I successfully resist this gorgeous five hundred dollar vintage hat (this is my dream hat and I so want to just dive in and put it on a credit card but I just can't), and this dress on eBay. (Dress behind the cut for you cut loving gals out there.) And the yearn store, (Ha! I'm going to leave that typo in), called and said they just got a boat load of cashmere yarn in and that if I want it I'd better get in there quick, which is true, but I'm not buying because I'm barely able to knit this scarf and I still have plenty of yarn for more complicated projects. Off for the cat show -- won't be successful at resisting there.

Oh and BTW thanks so much for the website and flash help offers! I'm so grateful, I just haven't had a second to get to it, we have the entire garage to finish by Monday when the contractor begins and I have until Tuesday to complete a collage project that will be part of a published deck of card. Cross your fingers for us.

Two of our cats got very sick, Precious (didn't name her) is in the hospital in renal failure, and one of the kittens who we've been fighting for since birth arrested in the emergency room last night. I knew this was coming so if I seem numb and uncaring it's the former and not the latter. I've gotten used to it through the years and have learned to surround my heart with protective cushioning.

I tried to stay awake to watch the 20/20 interview with Sharon Osbourne and her son Jack but sadly I fell asleep just before it and woke up right after it. Then the vet called at 5:30 in the morning and I had horrible decisions to make and kept waiting for the phone to ring again, which it did a couple hours later, sigh.

Oh and my Mom called me a psycho yesterday and told me that if I don't stop spending so much money I'll have to go live in the woods, again, (I haven't had to go live in the woods, which actually doesn't sound that bad, I mean that she has said this before), lovely.


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