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Knitting, Celebs, Textile Inspiration, Taking Susan For a Makeover @ Fred Segal, and a Scary Dream.

I am in such a mad rush as usual. There is so much left to do here but at the last second I picked up the phone and promised my friend Susan I would find her a makeup artist for this President's Circle dinner she is going to tonight. She's the head of the theatre department of a college that has just spent several million dollars building a new theatre and its important to her that she look good. I found a gal at Fred Segal's who said she would do it, even though the store is closed except for all of the sale items. They're having their big crazy annual sale and I was actually thinking of going there today to buy this knit hat to use as inspiration for my own design. I wonder if it'll be on sale or hidden behind the counter in the land of you can't have these things.

I have been having so much fun going to this local knit store. I want to say the name but not in the same post where I mention that celebs go there because that would be wrong somehow. I love the woman who owns it and her manager gal pal. They are just the best, most down to earth, wonderful, creative dolly girls. It's just so much fun being surrounded with so many colors and so much inspiration. And I think it's fun seeing the various celebs who come in, although everyone in LA knows to be discreet and to affect an attitude of nonchalance. Michelle Pfeiffer was knitting right next to me and we exchanged a couple of words. Julia Roberts goes there too but apparently everyone gets quiet and kind of shy when she comes in.

I bought a book there, Welcome Home by Kaffe Fasset and at first it didn't look like my kind of thing, it seemed a bit fru fru fussy and old for me, but how wrong was I? I love this book and am finding so much inspiration in the way he lives and creates. I like this man so much. He must be in his fifties or sixties and paints, makes collages, quilts, mosaics, and has this enormous line of fabrics and tapestry's and knitwear. He has about seven or eight books out. I'm so glad that Amanda turned me on to him. All of the pictures I've put up are his work.

Please don't think I've forgotten about the website project and my request for your help. I've just been swamped as usual and all of my promises to myself and others stack up one behind the other and it gets crowded in here, in my mind. I'll get back to all of you soon and so appreciate your offers, truly. I'm excited about getting this done.

Oh and faegoddess and celestialblue you were right about the rats having more babies. She just had another batch, so that must have been what Mr. Run Away Daddy Rat was up to. Damn, we need more wild baby rats, like I need more cats, big sigh. I'm worried because Scott has been acting up about the kitties and I'm afraid he's reached his limit.

Here comes a brief dream description, I always put these in italics so you can skip over them if reading other people's dreams bore you. I had horrible nightmares last night about having a surgery performed on me. It was so weird because my dreams are usually so lucid and I can change them at well, I always know my dreams are dreams, but this one wasn't. It felt so real and I was trapped on my side on this operating table, and these surgeons were operating on me, while I was only lightly doped up. They were treating me roughly and I was asking them over and over, pleading with them really to tell me what they were going to do before they were going to do it but they wouldn't, they just went on ignoring me. The nurses were all so unkind, except for one, and I was looking for my friend Susan and Scott and my Mom and no one was there to help me or stop these doctors or make them behave decently and accord me my basic patient's rights. Damned butt doctors.

Okay I've got to fly out the door if I'm going to get clean and meet my friend in time. Fred Segal's and Susan and makeup, fun, fun, fun.

Big loving hugs,

PS: The three little kittens are all hanging in there. Irma is going to take them home for me for two nights so I can get two nights sleep as I am so sleep deprived from getting up every two and a half to three hours to hand feed them and clean their bottoms. Of course Esther completely neglected the bottom and face cleaning bit yesterday, not nice Esther, not nice at all.

PPS: The protein shakes are working and I've lost 102 POUNDS!!!

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