Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

If You Don't Use It You May Lose It, Or Not.

Beau left his guitar at home today and he has guitar class at school in about fifteen minutes. He called about a half hour ago and asked if Irma could bring it by for him. She doesn't work on Friday's, Esther does, but I could take it to him and yet I chose not to. I can't tell if I'm being a good Mom by teaching him consequences, or a bad Mom by not taking care of him and helping him out. Parenting is soooo challenging, and so worth every second of it.

I gave our Boston Terrier monster puppy Lulu a bath. She didn't like it.

I'm going to Mailboxes Etc. I'm sad because I can't find these little paintings or drawings I bought for my friend Jen, maybe they went to storage somehow, but I can't send her package without them darn it.

My bangs are bugging me.

Esther is mad at me because I asked her to please be here by ten every day. She strolls in around ten forty-five a lot. I want her to get here at nine and she wants to get here around ten thirty, sigh. There is too much to do here, too much depends on her help, for her to come to work every day that late.

All I want to do is go to the yarn store.

I'm having a really hard time getting myself to take pictures of things that would be easy to sell on eBay. My back yard is still full of all of my junk. It's a huge mess, but at least most of the rats have moved off somewhere. I hope they're okay. I think they still come back to snack on the rabbit food and water that I leave out for them.

I'm overdressed but I couldn't figure out what to wear so I went for this black lace shorty dress and this pink silk blouse thing. I feel like I'll have to pretend I'm going out to dinner. Maybe I should -- go out to dinner. Maybe Beau will go see Cold Creek manor with me, although I kind of doubt it. Maybe he could go to another movie instead, we could go to AMC and try to coordinate our movies.

I have to buy IV fluids and baby food for the cats. I need to buy water for us. Beau wants me to go to Ursula's and buy a big furry bunny suit for him to wear on Halloween but I'm only going to do it if he promises not to wear it until then. He always makes me buy him a costume way too early, then he tries it on and plays with it, gets sick of it, and then wants something else.

My fabulous, sudden and steep weight loss has frozen in one place for a few days. I hate it when it does this, but if I keep losing weight at this rate I'll be all dry and bald and stickish so I will be grateful for these rest periods that give my body time to adjust.

I'm still crampy and sore from this new IUD, weird.

I loved Casa de los Babys and so did Esther and Irma.

Someone remind me to book a hotel room for Scott and me so we'll have someplace to stay when we go to see John Prine.

Please go read these wonderful rhyming poems that Jevechan just tossed off while she was playing with her daughter. I think they're really great.

Here are just the first three;

The candle's burning at both ends
The bloom is off the rose
I wish I had a silver spoon
To balance on my nose

The squirrels whisper sentences
About the glowing moon
The owls put their chicks to bed
Three hours too soon

Sixteen nails in a dead man's coffin
Fourteen bones in a blackbird's wing
Nineteen gulls on the beach at midnight
Three bright jewels on a wedding ring

Something about her work reminds me of Edward Gorey.

I love rhymes and I get sick of prose poets, although I write prose poetry, who are snobbish about rhyme and rhythm. I think it's a beautiful lost art as people aren't writing poetry that rhymes as much any more.

I am dying to create, my muse is withering and shriveling like an autumn leaf.

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