Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Our Ebay Auctions, and Focusing on Co-Designing My Own Website, Finally!

I finally got six things listed on eBay, phew! I put up a really pretty turquoise and coral beaded and sequined purse from Fred Segal, an antique teddy bear that I bought in London at an antique market years ago, a Hanna Barberra Yogo Bear Teddy Bear, a Bionic Woman lunch box, two Esther Hunt style chalk ware busts and... I think that's it. I have so much more to list but I made a promise to myself that I would just get these few things listed and then I would get to focus on some other creative projects before I list some more.

Now when Scott comes over we can concentrate on being together instead of having to worry about this, yeay, I'm so happy and proud of my procrastinating self. And do you know what this means? It means that despite my massive financial fears and worries, and the cost this will incur, that I can devote the time to going all the way back through my journal entries to the post where I asked for help from, or referrals to, terrific web designers, wahoo, I'm so happy! I have been feeling so guilty for not having followed through on your kind offeres and now I can't wait to finally get started on designing my own web site. Sheesh, finallllly after ten years of more of being on line. Damn I'm a procrastinator!

Well, I'm off to see my beloved weight loss surgeon for my check up and a nice vitamin B shot in the bottom. I'm holding at a one hundred and nine pound weight loss and, as is typical for me, I am of course, not happy with this and want to see the scale continue to move downwards. It had been stuck just two pounds shy of my first real weight loss goal of a hundred pounds for three weeks and then finally, because I added in some protein shakes, it started moving downwards by a whopping pound a day, and then suddenly stopped. I need to get up and get moving again, I'm sure that will help. Plus I probably will never be happy with anything above 120 and that's ridiculously thin, and an impossible goal for someone like me, so for now I just want to get to 210 and then 199, then we'll see what happens next.

See you guyz later.

Big loving hugs from,
Your Pal Wacqui

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