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Getting In the Mood, Getting Things Done, a Trip to San Diego, Knitting With Cats and Web Design.

Getting In the Mood, Getting Things Done, a Trip to San Diego, Knitting With Cats and Web Design.

Knitting and Cats Do Not Go Together

Oooh man am I speeding today, it's this kind of yucky buzzy feeling that I liked at first but that is just making me feel kind of wired and worn out now. I'm fairly sure it was from the B12 shot I got yesterday. That and the pressure I'm putting on myself to get so much done before we go away for the weekend, and I haven't even touched my e-mail, and my guy needs me to commit to being romantic this evening, and I want to be too, but it's just so hard to tie down the get-it-all-done she beast and arrive in the right frame of mind, both emotionally and physically. I love him so much and I want him badly, but my sexual energy is so difficult to catch and harness. I guess it's flighty like I am. When do come together, (Scott'll love that, he loves literal jokes), it's fabulous, wonderful, firecrackers, I loooooove having sex with Scott, so it just never seems to make any sense to me why I allow my crazy cluttered life to get in the way of our, ahem, coming together. Just had to get that out, maybe I should have put this in the TMI community, but then again, they're pretty nuts over there and I've committed to being completely honest here with all of you.

Knitting and Cats Do Not Go Together

Tomorrow Beau and I are going away with Mom to San Diego. I made the mistake of telling her how cool Paradise Point Resort is since they sunk millions of dollars into a remodel and she got excited and called Beau's school to find out all the holidays he has, then just went ahead and told me that this is the weekend we're going. She can be very imperious sometimes and yet if she read this she would be so hurt because she is so generous and I do love being with her. She's already demanding that we do something for Beau's two week Easter vacation and it isn't easy to say, well, actually Mom I'd like to just do something with Beau and Scott or even just Beau because he won't want to travel with his Mom for too much longer. Plus there's the added temptation factor of Mom being able to afford to take us to places we can't really afford to go to on our own. It's basically free, well mostly, when we travel with her, and she likes to travel first class. I love her and want to do things with her, plus as a good and dutiful daughter I should arrange to go away with her and let her spend some time with her grandson, it's just that the timing is all wrong, and Mom's creepy, thieving, housekeeper Rosa always has to come along, yuck. Plus I had already planned to go back there, to the very same resort, the weekend of the eighteenth when Scott and I are going to go see John Prine in concert, blah.

Okay back to cyber mines. I'm looking through my old e-mail hoping to find this e-mail from a web designer who sent me the coolest link to her site, and I want to go back and look at all the kind offers and suggestions I got from Live Journal pals. Then I need to pick a designer, I just have to force myself to do this, even though it might mean hurting some people's feelings, which kills me. I can't stand to hurt anyone's feelings, ever. I just need to find the perfect fit for me. And I really need to just dive in and make myself face this and do it. I mean how many years can you procrastinate and put off designing a website? Sheesh.

Everything went really well at my surgeon's yesterday. I love those guys and we always have such a great time. They're my team, you know? I feel like whenever anyone compliments me, or gives me credit for having taken this huge risk, and had this surgery and lost so much weight, that I want to point to this invisible group of amazing people standing behind me.

Okay gotta go.

Big loving hugs,


Knitting and Cats Do Not Go Together

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