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Ebay Auctions, a Flu/Cold, San Diego, Bikini Sugaring, and Halloween

Our Ebay Auctions, Catching a Flu/Cold, Our San Diego Trip, My First Bikini Sugaring, and Getting Ready for Halloween.

This is our littlest cat, the only kitten of the last batch who survived, Tea-Tea, laying in Ana's new hat.

She was wearing this little tee-shirt when we came back from San Diego. Irma bought it for her to help keep her warm at night.

She doesn't look like she enjoys laying on her back here but she does it all the time.

Hi Everyone,

Sorry I've been offline for so long. I caught a flu/cold bug thing from Esther and we started, (Beau and I), coming down with it while we were on vacation, if you can call it that, in San Diego. First we got runny noses, then sore throats, then headaches, then Beau got better and I got worse.

This is my first cold thing since my surgery in March which for me is pretty miraculous. I've just been trying to get things done from my bed and when I do get up I shuffle in here in my socks and try to attack the ever present e-mail mountain. Then when the fever gets too hot for me and I feel too weak I go in and lie down with the kitties and rest for a bit.

Our eBay auctions ended and one of my Live Journal pals, (thank you so much sweetie), bought my pretty beaded purse. That was so sweet and well, heartwarming. Everything sold except for poor little Huckleberry Hound bear. I think I'll have to take a better picture of him and try again. The old bear sold for over two hundred dollars and the Leon Fighiera, Esther Hunt style head went for three hundred, yeay! Of course all of my sales totaled, only come to about a tenth of what I spent shopping on eBay myself in the last month. I'll be working really hard on flipping this little truth on it's ear, cross your fingers for me.

It feels so good to have actually listed things and had them sell after having procrastinated about selling for so long. Now I just have to get back on that auction hobby horse and list more things. Being creative and friendly, taking the pictures and writing up the descriptions, that I've got down. It's the business part of it that's hard for me. I'm so grateful for Scotty who is helping me handle this -- the money and the shipping part of this. It feels so good to have a partner to share this with. I'm so proud of how Scott has been handling this and I am so super grateful for his support.

I missed him so much when we were away in San Diego last weekend. I thought of him constantly. I wish I could be happier in the moments I'm in, in the present, you know? I really thought I was doing well in the be present in the moment arena. But after this last weekend I see that I need so much more work in this area, being in the here and now. I wish that when I'm with Beau and Mom I could just be with them and not be aching for Scott, and conversely, when I'm with Scott, that I wouldn't miss Beau, Irma, her kids and the cats. I'm the same way with work. I long to work as an actor and when the work finally comes, I miss being freed up to just do whatever I like, to be here at home with nothing to do, no commitments or ties. Then when I'm free again I yearn for work and spend all my time looking at working actors and envying them. Yup, there's always room to grow here.

Here's Beau right in front of our patio. He's taller than me now.

And here's a picture of Mom. I don't think I've ever shared one with you before. She looks pretty amazing for an eighty-seven year old woman, don't you think?

The place where we stayed, Paradise Point, is so much fun and super romantic. It's also great for kids. The rooms are like little bungalows that are spread around this enormous property. They're gorgeous with wonderful views, pretty furniture, some of them have fireplaces, big picture window views of the bay, or the gardens, and Jacuzzi tubs for two. There are always weddings going on. The grounds are beautifully landscaped with rambling pathways that wind around ponds and pools, and there are loads of ducks, egrets, herons, coots, and all kinds of little birds. They sell duck food so we always have lots of fun feeding them. They come right up to you and eat out of your hands. There was even a resident black cat named Scallop who lives at the restaurant, eats lobster, shrimp and of course scallops which is his favorite and the reason he got his name, and he greets everyone as they enter and exit.

Here are some of the duckies we fed. They are so soft and soooo sweet.

This duck was so brave, she just walked right up to me and nibbled at the pieces of food that fell around my feet.

I had been dying to get some exercise -- my new body craves it, but my old sludgy mind/body is super adept at avoiding it, and my fibromyalgia and the arthritis in my knees makes it hard for me to do certain things -- but we managed to rent a surrey, (one of those bikes that two people can peddle, not a tandem, but one of those things where you sit side by side, one person steers, and it has a little canvas thing on top with fringe), and I got a good workout peddling that around because it was hard to do, the chain being seriously corroded and rusted out by the damp salty air.

We rode around and visited different spots on the property. We went to the Marina and looked at the birds and fish. It was fun, riding around with Beau, but hard. Then we came back and Beau played tennis with a ball machine while I read the new Oprah magazine -- a great article about Salma Hayek -- in between picking up balls and reloading the machine.

Beau and I got a day away from Mom and Rosa, or part of a day on Saturday because we thought my aunt, who is not really my aunt, long story, was going to spend more time with Mom. So I actually felt guilty when Jani, Rosa, and mom came back from lunch and Jani announced that she was going home to do some gardening. I don't think she knew how much my Mom was looking forward to spending the day with her. She'd even brought her cards down to play Spite and Malice, (which is a wonderful game, remind me to try to teach you guyz sometime), and I had brought Trivial Pursuit. So it was with a guilt filled heart that I left Mom to go off to spend some time with my Beau-wee-yo.

We just went to Best Buys to try to get the new laptop to work, the last two bounced out of a car, and flew off my bed, we haven't had much luck with laptops. Then we went to Subway for Beau and Taco Bell for me, I can eat some of the top off of a Mexican pizza -- the beans are cooked in water. Then we went to Borders and had fun gathering piles of books and things, sitting in a semi-deserted aisle, Beau picked gender studies, smart little monkey, reading them and trying to narrow down the pile of things we wanted to buy. I bought the new tribute memorial book about Kevin Aucoin, the famous makeup artist who I always fantasized I would one day meet and have my makeup done by. There was a huge book of ghost stories that I wanted but I figured I could always pick it up on Amazon. Then we came home, watched hotel movies while I knitted my scarf and hat, and then we packed for home.

This next bit is going to get a bit personal and will contain a description of my first bikini waxing, so I'll put it in italics and you can just feel free to skip past the ooky parts if you're shy, or don't dig intimacies that lean towards TMI, too much information. There is a really nice spa on the property. Everything decorated in bamboo and teak wood, it smelled so good with candles, incense, and essential oils constantly in use. I decided to use it when while swimming with Beau, he popped up from under the water and said, "Mom, you have hair coming out of the sides of your bathing suit." Lovely. Well, I'd never had a bikini wax and had been putting it off for ages. I'm kind of two minds about it; one of me thinks that we should leave our bodies alone, let hair grow where it wants to, that it's all this big man made conspiracy to denude us and return us to some prepubescent state that seems less threatening to them, and the other part of me thinks, hey, let's shave it all off and have great oral sex without the hassle and worry of pubic hair dental flossing, if ya know what I mean. Did I lose you there?

Anyway having just had Beau announce that I looked like an ape in a bathing suit made up my mind for me PDQ, so I made an appointment for what they call bikini sugaring. I also made an appointment for a facial and reflexology. I felt so pampered and relaxed until it was time for my third treatment, the bikini sugaring. I'm a pretty brave and open kind of gal as you can tell just from reading this entry, but I've never had anyone wax my pretty parts before, and I was a wee bit apprehensive. I just had to kind of get tough and overcome my fears and hop up on the table. How do you allow someone to wash, powder, and do whatever else they do to your vagina and not feel a sort of intimacy with them? It was weird but I got through it with my usual mix of humour and friendliness. Whenever I get scared or bored I interview people. "What was the worst bikini sugaring experience you ever had?" "Oh, well, the time I had a bride on her wedding day whose husband wanted her to get a Brazilian bikini wax but who had just started her period. She was in so much pain..."

So...sugaring. With sugaring they use a kind of cooked caramely sugary toffee material that spreads on thick like wax would, but doesn't adhere to your skin in the same way that wax does so it doesn't hurt as much and you aren't as sore and red afterwards. They apply it against the hair growth, then rub it around a bit, ouch, and then pull it off in the direction of the hair, double ouch.

I had asked for a kind of minimum trim since it was my first time. I didn't want to do anything drastic, no Brazilian strip for me, just a sort of cleaning up of the edges, a smaller triangle shape if you will. But my nice aesthetician, (she really was nice and gentle and fun to talk to, she put me at ease and I liked her), took off way too much and wound up missing a lot of the hair on the sides of my umm vagina. I thought she was moving lower and lower but I was so lulled by the comfort of the table, the warmth and the scented room, and the fear of pain, that I just wrote it off and trusted my shaping to the expert. But when she handed me the mirror I was shocked, bald, naked, no hair, the tiniest bit of hair left around my lips. I might as well have taken it all off, I mean why leave any if you're going to leave that little. But I didn't want to hurt her feelings so I didn't say anything. Then when I got off the table, got dressed and walked home, I had that awful itchy feeling that you get when you shave yourself down there for the fist time just to try it out, and it grows back in all spiky and you want to just scratch and scratch but you know you can't unless you're alone somewhere private, and I thought, this can't be right.

When I got back to my hotel room, I looked in the mirror and what I had wasn't a triangle, it was more of a lopsided cloud, and she missed tons of hair on the sides and there were patches that were shaved too close to have been removed with the sugaring. Big sigh. So I spent about an hour and a half sitting in bed hand tweezing as much of the excess hair off as I could. In the morning I called the spa and cried for help. They had me come in and it was a huge relief to have the gal who cleaned me up tell me that this was one of the worst jobs she had seen in a really long time. At least I felt validated and knew I wasn't just being a nutty complainer gal. The funny thing is that after all these years of feeling so political about my right to keep my body hair, I really like it. I like the way it feels, soft and free of hair, who knew?

Our telephones aren't working, but that's nothing new. Nothing in this million dollar (seriously, that's what it cost, but that's figuring in things like our rent for the three years we had to live elsewhere while we built the darned thing), house remodel has ever worked properly, from the phones, to the electricity and lighting, to the vintage doorknobs, to the windows and screens, to the intercom, to the air conditioning, to the satellite, which we finally dumped for digital cable, to the plumbing -- the hot water pump, the water heater that's too small for this big house, the handles that turn the wrong way, the pull out faucet thing in the tub that broke, the glass sinks that have now both cracked, the toilets, the toilet seats, the bidet. It's been a mess when it should have been perfection from the start, but it's usually Scott who complains about this and hurts my feelings -- you know that whole unfair I can complain about my Mother, my home, my child, whatever, but you can't thing?

I blame Robby, my ex, for a goodly percentage of the house screw ups, but I feel bad about it. I don't want to say anything angry, hurtful, or negative about him any more. It's weird how when everything falls away, (or dims down a bit), all the hurt and anger, all that's left is what was real to begin with, the love I felt for him and still feel, but in a lighter more muted form, like a misting of a favorite perfume as opposed to it's much more costly parfum form. It's amazing what time can do for a broken heart, the healing, the growth, just amazing, and I'm left wanting to love him from a safe distance, wishing him the best, seriously, and hoping he's happy and healthy and fulfilled, so it's hard for me to lay the blame for this house disaster at his homeless doorstep, but a lot of it really does belong there. Luckily we have cell phones, (Verizon's new photo flip phone), and are using them in the meantime but mine sucks so I have to take it in to get a new one.

I just discovered that I can text message,"I Love You!" to Beau from AOL when he's in school, hee hee.

Well, that's enough rambling for one night. I'm going to drag my weary and increasingly sagging ass back to bed where I'll try to catch the last little bit of Law and Order SVU. I have to be honest, it's hard watching Maria/Mariska on this show every week. I love her, and I am so happy for her, she worked so long without getting the attention she deserved, and then finally got the break she needed, but I am envious, even though I know I shouldn't be. It's hard watching so many people you've known so well work so regularly. Like I said, there's so much room for growth here.

We've bought ten bales of hay for the yard and brought all of our many boxes of spooky and fun decorations out of storage for Halloween. I'm really looking forward to decorating the yard again. We're a little behind this year because of our little trip and my catching the flu but we'll get rolling shortly. I'll try to take some pics and put them up soon for you but I never seem to be able to catch how cool it all looks.

Night : )

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