Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Flue/Colds, Feedback for Scott's Music, and Halloween Decorating

I collect vintage postcards, particularly Halloween, (although not as much this year as the cat bills have been really setting us back), but I've never seen this one before and wanted to share it with you. A little spooky eh?

Hello My Journal Darlings,

I'm still feeling fluey, blech, but am slowly getting better with the help of sleep, warm clothes, vitamins, salt nasal spray, Flonase, Sudafed, Humibid, and Advil. They're talking on television about how the first cases of flu have shown up here in LA. Hello? Everyone around me has been sick for weeks.

How do you know if you have a flu or just a rotten cold, and can it be both? Is it fever that makes it a flu instead of a virus, and when should you take antibiotics? These are the things I always wonder about when I get sick, well, that and who did I get it from.

I've mentioned this before but I become this obsessed flu/cold cop any time I get sick. It's just that my immune system is so compromised with all of my various health issues and when I catch something it lasts three to four times longer than in the person I originally caught it from, sigh. I always want to track down the source of my contagion so I can blame them and somehow feel a sense of control over this totally uncontrollable thing. I mean I could pick it up from a doorknob anywhere, or walk into a room where someone has just sneezed, while at the same time I've been near someone who is sick and there would be no proving it came from one versus the other, but I still want someone to blame. Not exactly spiritually elevated of me I know but it makes me feel better somehow.

This time I've decided that Andrea, my assistant/pal Esther's daughter, who catches everything, got this at school, then gave it to Esther who gave it to me, and now I've passed it to Scott and who knows how many other people. I feel a renewed sense of respect and fondness for the Japanese who wear face masks when they're ill. You won't catch an American being that considerate.

My Scotty is looking for feedback on his music. Will you guys go to his journal and then check out his latest recordings of some of his songs, particularly 151 and An Angel Named Jacqueline, then give him a bit of feedback? He could really use it and would definitely appreciate it.

I still don't think anyone has been able to capture how lovely, raw, and sexy his music can be when he plays it acoustically. This last guy he worked with took two of his best songs and kind of reggae/seventies/rock jazzed them up, if that makes any sense. Anyone know a fabulous producer engineer looking to help a seriously undiscovered talent? And here we both are, still gifted, still relatively poor artists, plodding along in obscurity, getting older in a business that worships and celebrates youth, sigh.

Okay off I go to scan the ever present mountain of e-mail and if I can manage it I've promised to spend some time opening Halloween boxes and adding to our Halloween yard extravaganza.

Hugs all round,


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