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Hello My Beloved Live Journal Siblings,

I need your help. Please? Let me preface this by saying that I have tried to do all of this on my own and just wound up in a hopeless muddle. I know you guys probably learned the hard way and I wanted to too, but I don't think I have the aptitude or the understanding, so I'm finally throwing my hands up, and hoping you'll be kind.

I've asked some of these questions before but since my posts are often long I think they get buried and missed. Would you mind helping me out if you know the answers to any of these things? Please? I will love you and be indebted to you forever.

1.) How do I get a counter on my page. I just need to know where to insert the code and what it would look like. Does this go in the style overrides section? Where do you guys get your counters? I think I have a huge counter site book marked somewhere but I save too many sites and it'll be buried like my e-mail, boo.

2.) How do I look at another person's code to see how they do what they do?

3.) Will you recommend a good basic code page?

4.) Does anyone know how I can get a background like the spiral binder background that is the default style on the comments page? Do you know of any other spiral notebooks or journal looking backgrounds I could use.

5.) How do I tell livejouranl I want to change to a different background, I mean where does this go.

6.) Does anyone have a simpler explanation for some of Brad's words in the color menu? Or can someone help me understand what they refer to? I don't know what he means by weak accent etc.

7.) At the very least I'd like to change the words on top the way I've seen people do and I don't know how to get to that place in livejournal so I can change my title and menu options.

8.) In the color scheme section can anyone send me a copy of the code for the white on black with grey colors? I messed around with it so much I can't get back to the original colors and find my way around from there.

9.) I need to put a little livejournal photo square icon with a link to my other journal, imajerk, in the margin or on the top, can anyone tell me how to do this?

10.) This is the one I care the most about; You guys, does anyone know how you go about getting in touch with a local software engineer when you have a couple of great ideas that you want to collaborate on with someone? I have a couple of program ideas I really want to develop, and don't know how to do the technical part of it.

If any of you can find the time to be kind to a fellow livejournal soul, I would be so incredibly grateful and karmically indebted. I would be glad to trade expertise in areas where I have some that would be of any use to you. Or I could make something for you digital art wise or write a poem or send warm loving white light your way.

There is a doggy barking away outside. Poor lonely barking doggie. My neighbors have been in this dog barking war thing and for a few anxious minutes I was afraid it was my beautiful black poodle Spirit but then I remembered he's at the doggy hair salon, phew. Hey, is it doggy or doggie? What do ya think?

Love you guys so so much,

PS: Oops one more thing, I'm having trouble getting back into irq darn it, I had it figured out with help from Dankittikitti but now I'm lost again.

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