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Another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern

I wonder who has the highest grade level around here. I am sooooooo tired and hungry. I did a little work on the yard. I'll take pictures when it looks good enough. I need to get another spooky rubber mask for one of the mannequins and work on the lighting. The devil baby in the wicker baby carriage needs lighting and I still have to figure out how to get his diapers wet enough to make him cry endlessly. We still have to test the fog machines and make sure we have enough juice. I think we have enough candy and glow bracelets. I still have to buy pumpkins but I got a great carving tool set from Martha Stewart, I should have bought this years ago.

I have really got to list some more things on eBay. oooh and I just remembered I have a two hundred dollar check to deposit and a reimbursement from AFTRA for my lost residual payments and a two hundred and fifty dollar rebate from the computer. Please remind me to follow through on these moneys that will slip through my fingers if I'm not proactive.

Spirit's (my standard poodle that I just gave away) new auntie called to tell me how much they love him and how well he is doing. Thank you for this little bit of grace in what have been a hard couple of days for reasons I cannot fathom. I'll be even happier if when I weigh myself tomorrow I keep the two pound weight loss from this last weekend. That would be terrific. Bit by bit I am praying I will someday make my way back under two hundred pounds, somewhere I haven't been in twenty years.

Good night everyone,

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