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Solar Storms, The Aurora, Cats and Dreads, and a Couple of Dreams.

This is yesterday's post, I was so busy I never got the time to put it up : )

Is anyone afraid of the geomagnetic sun storm? I don't know if my fear has been fanned by the flames of all of these fires or by the spooky aftereffect of having listened to Art Bell last night. He was talking about how bad this solar storm was going to be. He said that it was one of the most powerful storms ever to hit the earth, bigger than last week's storm and a G5, which does indeed make it the highest intensity possible. They aren't supposed to be harmful to us physically but I wonder about that. I know they disrupt our communications and electronics which in itself is scary.

Calvin Hall's Amazing Aurora Photography

I'm sad that I don't live somewhere where I can see the auroras. I am nuts about them and collect paintings of them. If you ever want to give me a gift, make me a painting of the aurora borealis, please??? Or send a photograph to jacquiscloset@aol.com. I think they are the most beautiful, amazing, magical thing.

I took some pictures of my cats playing with my dreads today so you could see the colors but they're so vibrant they don't photograph well, and these don't really do them justice.

I have been having a good rash, (as opposed to a bad rash), of dreams lately. I took the time to write up this long detailed dream about my being the Princess of Wales' besieged butler last week, the night he was interviewed on Barbara Walters, but I never finished the darned thing so I didn't post it. It was so detailed and interesting and felt so real at the time. I remember that I loved her so very much and was in such grief. I wanted some of her things, some mementos of hers to hang on to, so I went to work for her parents The Earl and Countess Spencer, even though I know her father died years ago. In the dream they were actually very nice to me even though they were stuffy and demanding. There was also a definite feeling of their being disgraced and on the outs with the royal family, but I was excited about stealing souvenirs and waiting for them to leave so I could gather up as many of the Princess' things as I could and then get out of there. Ya know, if you pick this apart a bit it sounds a lot like some of the issues I'm dealing with in my life which of course makes sense considering dreams are our wonderful and mysterious way of helping our conscious selves awaken to some of the troubles our subconscious minds are trying to grapple with.

I'm going to write up last night's dream and put it behind the cut. Sometimes I put these in italics but this is too long and I don't want you to have to scroll so far through your friends pages. Normally I like to put the dreams in italics so you can skip over them if dreams don't interest you, or as one of my wonderful Live Journal pals, who likes my Wacqui dream stories said, you can skip over my everyday chatter and go right to them.

I'm in a field by the ocean somewhere and am going to a high school reunion. My friends Lynne and Chris and Monica are going to be there and I have this intense feeling of grief, loss, and longing -- the same feelings that I felt my senior year in high school when I knew that everything was coming to an end, this dream bubble existence, the sense of sisterhood and family that our school fostered. I think the reason this was all the more painful for me, as opposed to some of my classmates, was because my family life was so incredibly lonely and lacking that school had taken the place of family for me and even though there was college to look forward to and my dreams of being a famous Academy Award winning actor to look forward to, somehow I knew I would never have this sense of community and family again. I was acutely aware of the loss while everyone around me just seemed to be glad to be moving on.

Anyway I'm in this field and I'm walking towards this area where this reunion is happening. I'm late and in a hurry but suddenly my friend Karen is behind me. I want her to come with me but she is hesitating because she didn't like our school and doesn't feel close to the girls we went to school with. I feel guilty and torn. I want Karen to come, want her to see that everyone loved her and still does, that it's okay and that she will be accepted. I remember that I didn't treat her as well as I should or could have when we were in high school and I feel so badly about this.

Suddenly we are at my Mother's house in Bel Air. Karen is here with her son Rico but he is younger, more of a baby, and Lorraine is here with her children. I am so happy to see them. I have missed her so much. Scott is also here and so is creepy scheming Rosa, my Mother's housekeeper.

I am sitting in my Mom's den when all of a sudden it starts hailing. Little pieces of ice are falling through the ceiling and landing all over and around me. I call out to my Mother to tell her that there is a problem and that all of her furniture is going to get wet but she is still angry with me and doesn't want to talk to me. I plead with her to get her attention telling her that this is an emergency which gets her to come in to the den and pay a bit of attention to the situation but she is still really angry and cold.

I look up and notice that there are these long narrow skylights that are open and have been letting in the rain and hail. In order to close these windows in the ceiling I am going to have to remove all of these dead and dying plants that someone, the gardener maybe, has stashed above all of these rafters in the ceiling, but I am afraid to take them down because they look old and dusty and there may be spiders up there who could bite my hands. I tell Mom this but she doesn't care, either I do it and gain a few notches in her favor, or she'll get the ever present, ever eager to put on a mask of sweetness in order to please, Rosa, to do it.

Scott comes in and sits down in a chair but he is only wearing a tee-shirt and I can clearly see his pretty parts. I ask him to put on pants, because what will my Mother think when she comes back, but he doesn't care, he wants to be liked for himself and not for some version of himself that he must present to her for her approval and acceptance. Then Karen comes in and says she is going to leave because Rico can't sleep in my bed in my old room, he thinks it is too scary and I agree, but I don't want them to leave.

I get a chair and stand up on it in order to knock these plants in baskets out of the ceiling. It feels so precarious, as if I am standing at a much greater height than just a few feet off the ground. For some reason my Mother, who has just come back into the room, seems pleased with this and I try a couple of small poses, lifting one leg and my arm into a ballet pose.

Now I am back in the field and can fly. My dream self doesn't believe that I can but my mind tells her that I can and to just try it. I hop up and float a bit but keep falling down. I have to keep willing myself to fly. When I get to the beach I see that there are a lot of people here excavating crystals from the sand.

These crystals are beautiful and laid out all over the place. All you have to do is dig a bit to find a pocket of them. They are amazing and come in different colors and shapes, the main shape being crystal points in a kind of opalescent milky pink and orange color. I dig through the sand to find the big gorgeous wands that are obviously the most valuable. The problem is that I don't have anything to keep the many specimens that I am collecting in and they are heavy and hard to carry. I try to make a basket of my skirt and pile them up there but they get too heavy to carry and spill out so I set my pile down while I go off in search of a bag.

First I run into a father and daughter who are gathering crystals. I am careful not to take any from any of their little piles but I do want them. There is a sense of greediness and urgency about gathering up all of these precious jewels, as if they have been newly discovered and there is a limited supply of the best pieces. The compulsive shopper/aquisitor part of my personality is thrilled and filled and distracted by this exciting activity.

Next I run into two men who are here gathering crystals as well. They are both fans of Art Bell, George Nouri, and Coast to Coast, they are nerdy science geeks and we have a lot in common. They are both attracted to me which feels weird to me as I am not attracted to them and want their help and advice but don't want to lead them on or give them the wrong impression. They found this crystal stash in some papers they have. They have a kind of updated list of all of the places nearby where the earth is just sort of giving up crystals and rare natural things and I am excited to learn about this so I can join in and these expeditions.

One of the men gives me a plastic market bag to hold my crystals in but when I go back to find my original stash they have been taken by someone else, so we look for more. The man who is helping me teaches me that I have to look for signs of a deposit, look for unusual colored rocks or crystal bits, tap the earth and then dig there. We do this and find more beautiful crystals. I fill my bag but the plastic is weak and it starts to rip.

I start flying again. I kind of hop fly beyond where I want to go. I aim myself towards something and wind up overshooting it and getting lost. I feel sad and lonely when I'm lost and worry that I'll never find my way back to the crystal sand dune fields by the beach. I keep hopping back towards my original spot, trying to find the men again, but wind up landing near these weathered abandoned shacks where people have been storing their specimens. Some of these are gorgeous, like split geodes, but filled with rainbow druzey crystals against a black matrix of crystals. They are so amazing and no one seems to be here guarding them so I justify taking a few.

Later I wind up in a school during their semester break. No one is here, not the teachers or the students, but I am afraid I will be caught poking around and get into trouble. I am sneaking into the classrooms and peeking at the kids school work. They are doing reports on these beautiful crystals and minerals and some of their reports have little specimen boxes attached. I have an impulse to steal these as well but know this is wrong and don't. Then I fly and hop around some more before the dream ends.

Okay, well, off I go, thanks for reading this if you managed to get this far.

Love you guyz,

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