Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Pissed Off at AOL, Nothing New There.

Oh man I am so pissed off that I wasted HOURS, and I do mean hours and hours, making this stupid AOL Halloween album and I didn't know that it would only allow AOL members to view it. That is just so unfair and one of the many things that makes me hate them. I also noticed that they disabled the right click save feature, as if they care about protecting my images when there's a little box to the right selling them to anyone with fifty cents to spare, and you know that I am all about image sharing. I swear to God I only made it to share with you guyz : (

I was up until five AM this morning working on this kind of stuff. Now I have to try to do it all over again at Picture Trail or Clubphoto but when will I find the time? Goddamnit and I wrote captions and put all of the pictures in order too. One hundred-and-sixty-eight of them I think. Help.

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