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Veteran's Day

I was just over at Duane's journal and he mentioned his feelings of respect for people in the armed services and I realized that I hadn't said anything, hadn't weighed in with my feelings of respect and support for our military men and women, and especially for our veterans.

All day today the old bomber squadrons have been flying patterns over our house. The sound of the old planes scares me. It rattles the windows and it rattles my soul. Sometimes I think it might have something to do with some past life I may have led because I can't understand why I should feel such fear when I hear them. I actually felt like calling the airport and complaining and then I remembered why there were so many vintage planes in the air and felt differently. I was moved.

Today is a holiday where we are meant to celebrate bravery, remember and honor lost loved ones, and thank our heroes but no one in my family or in the world around me said one word about it. I hate war. I'm basically a pacifist, but I am able to separate out the people from the politics and see these men and women who put their lives on the line, for a cause that may or may not be just, as heroic. My Father was a veteran. I feel tremendous respect for what he and his generation lived through, how courageous and self sacrificing they were.

Last night I was over at my new friends' house. I love these people, the Sartippours, they're from Iran, and in such a short time we've become good friends. This has never happened to me before, that I bonded with people so quickly. At least I don't think so. I really care about them and would do anything for them. But anyway, last night I had dinner there like I have been doing for the past three nights or so, and I was speaking with Atar, my new girlfriend Atra's husband, and I wanted to know more about his life in the military because he had mentioned it before. He was a tank commander in the Iran Iraq war. He told me about a time when his whole unit were in a town and surrounded by the enemy. Then he told me, (and we have all heard sad stories like this before), that when he would walk among the dead, the enemy dead, he would see their mementos, their letters and family photos and feel compassion for them. He said, "War is terrible," and I agree with him.

Atar said that the best movie he had ever seen about war, the only one that had really captured the way it actually felt to him, was Private Ryan. I told him that I had never been as moved and horrified by any film as I had been by the first fifteen minutes of that film. I remember sitting in the theatre with my mouth open and tears pouring down my face for the entire opening sequence, the beach assault. I asked him if he had seen Band of Brothers and he hadn't, so as soon as I make a little money I'm going to order it for him from Amazon. Anyway I couldn't sign off without saying something; God bless all of you out there fighting for us, God bless all of you who wait here at home for your loved ones to return, and God bless everyone who has ever known the horrors of war, or given service to our country. It may not be PC or liberal but it's how I feel.

Love you guys,

PS: Stalag 17 is on. I've always loved this movie and I loved Hogan's Heroes too.

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