Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

Our Halloween Pictures Finally : )

This is our front gate.

Well, I finally put our Halloween pictures up for you. They were better in the AOL slideshow format, but here they are at lame old Club Photo in case you're interested in seeing them.

This is a little table by my front door.

Our Halloween Pictures Part One
Our Halloween Pictures Part Two
Be sure to click the bigger pictures option if your browser can handle it because it looks a lot better.

I bought this little bat ornament on eBay this year. I just love this little guy.

Would one of you guyz remind me that I need to clean off my treadmill and use it? I took the dogs for a long walk yesterday and that felt really good on a couple of levels but I didn't get any exercise today and I want to make exercising a daily thing.

This is the base of our little Halloween tree that we put in a big bird cage on the porch and decorate with lights and ornaments.

I'm so close to getting under 200 Lbs and it's just going to take a little more effort on my part to make this happen, I just need to work a little harder and I know it'll happen. Well, I hope it will happen. I've been doubting this process all along the way.

I had these on the floor by the front door

My Mother, who is never happy with me, no matter how much I achieve or accomplish keeps saying I should get down to 155 Lbs. My surgeon says that given my height and these tests they do with a little machine, that 175 would be a perfect weight for me. It just makes me sad that no matter how hard I try I can never please my picky perfectionist Mom. It hurts so.

I don't even know these little girls but they looked so pretty.

My friend Susan is here. She's going to buy some of the art that I lent her for the HGTV shoot and that'll help us get through the month. We'll buy some animal food with that, phew.

This is our big chair that we have in the front yard.

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