Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

I'm up early because I'm going to go pick up my sweet new friend Atra to take her to meet Jen at the knit store to get Atra some work. That's the second, well, third if you count the shmoozing I did with this woman who came to her boutique and almost left, job I've been able to hook her up with. It just makes me happy when I'm able to help someone so easily, and Atra is such a sweetheart so it makes this that much more rewarding.

Irma told me yesterday that if I could find work for other people that I should be able to find some way to make money for myself and I've been rolling this around in my mind hoping it takes root in some fertile financially attractive soil in there somewhere.

I'm sitting here putting on my makeup, while watching the view and writing to you. I have got to say that I have some serious bag puffiness under my eyes that I am not digging, no, no, no. I'm tempted to root around for some hemorrhoid cream because I've read that women have been putting this under their eyes for years, and sadly, I am finally getting why there are so many undereye products in the department stores. Before whenever a saleswoman would try to talk me into buying some firming or smoothing undereye something or other I would always think, who needs these things? They're like the cinnamon crispas, or whatever they're called, that the droning jumbled up voice of the Taco Bell person would ask you to buy in order to jack up the price of your order. "Would you like some shmanalagrupascanas with your order?" Whaaaa???

Oh I'm so late and I was looking forward to a few minutes of play here, darn it. I set up some filters on my Semagic (thank you Sema) program so that I could be fair and read all of my oldest and or dearest friends journals first and then visit my other wonderful friends in a more organized kind of way. I think I'm trying to be a susan/magicwoman here and by that I mean a super organized, kind, compassionate, read every one of my friend's journals every day kind of person and I just can't do it, damnit. I thought if I divvied everyone up into little groups that it would be easier to manage but when I click that little flashing Live Journal icon, that is always reminding me that I have entries on my friend's page, like it will ever not say that, it doesn't do anything. Do you think there is something wrong with it? How do you guys do it?

Okay I seriously have to go or Atra will be sitting on a pile of trash that has accumulated on the passenger side of my car.

Oh and one more bit of celebrity gossip, (I have got to go to my Celebysightings community journal and log some of these in. I'm the worst moderator. I haven't even peeked at my Broken Hearts journal in over a year.) The day before yesterday at the knit store, I parked my car behind this big black Cadillac Escalade that was parked in the red. A woman came out of the bakery and got into the car and it turned out to be Maria Shriver Schwarzenegger. Too funny, the wife of the newly elected governor parking in the red so she could get a latte. I'm telling you, this city is so screwed up. I mean all you have to do is take one look at Michael Jackson's mug shot and that's really all you need to know. I want to move away from here so badly I can just taste the clean air of somewhere different.

Did I forget to mention how fabulous Scott was the other night? Oh man!

Love you guys,

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