Jacqui (jacqui) wrote,

How happy am I that this gorgeous woman is the featured model in the Barney's holiday catalogue? Just one more reason to love Barneys.

And this is my dream daughter. Wouldn't it be great if you could shop for people in catalogues that way you do for clothes? Well, now that I'm thinking about this it sounds a little scary but I'd like the have the model for a friend and the little girl for my...little girl.

I had a dream that I was a producer last night -- a poducer/agent of some kind and I was trying to put together this film deal with Brooke Shields and Tom Hulce. The dream was set in the seventies and I kept going back and forth between their two camps trying to get them to sign up for this project that I knew would be really good for all of us. Tom Hulce was acting in a Shakespeare play (don't remember which) for Joseph Papp, and Brooke was working on some modeling book with her mom. I'd go talk to Tom's agent who was weird, greedy and negative, and then I'd go talk to Brooke and her mom and try to convince them that Tom was a good actor to work with and that this film was going to be a big success.

I told them that I knew he was going to be in a movie about the life of Mozart and that he would win an Academy Award. Strange how no one asked me how I knew this in advance. Then later when I was trying to persuade Tom's agent I told him that I knew he would be working with John Malkovich and just then John came offstage after having delivered a one line reading really well. The agent looked at me like, "Him? He's nobody. What are you talking about?"

Esther is working for Irma today, (Irma is trying to get out of her house before her ex comes back from Guatemala. I persuaded my Mom to let her stay with her for a couple of weeks at least until she can find a place and Mom's evil greedy housekeeper Rosa is going to freak but too bad for her), but because she knows I'm desperate for help she thinks she can get away with coming late, leaving early, and getting paid the same.

I'm changing this policy as of this very moment. It isn't fair to Irma, (who comes at seven and leaves as late as seven thirty sometimes because she's so hard working and kind that she won't leave until everything is taken care of), or me but because I love her and she feels like family it's hard to stand up to her. Plus she is one of the most contentious and defensive people you would ever want to meet when you rile her, a dirty fighter who isn't afraid to say hurtful things when she's mad, which makes the process of every talking to her about her work super miserable and hard to do. Nevertheless I did ask her why she would show up for work at 11:00 when she knows she's going to leave at 5:00 instead of 7:00. She said, "Eleven? Jacqui, I didn't come at eleven! I was sitting in front of the house in my car eating my breakfast with Hugo." Which meant I got to say, "Well, you weren't in the house working were you? No? So you didn't get here until eleven." She reluctantly agreed that I was right about this. Argh! I hate being an employer. I want to be so certain that I am fair, kind and compassionate, but at the same time I don't want to be a total schmuck doormat girl who people can take advantage of. As I was writing this Esther walked in and smiled at me and I felt sorry for writing about her, sigh. Why is life so complicated and hard sometimes? Blah.

Oh yeay my beloved man is IMing me, perfect timing.

Big loving hugs,

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