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I'm buying, or trying to buy, this pin for myself for Christmas, weeeee. My Mom asks me to buy my own Christmas presents and have them sent to her. She doesn't even want to deal with the wrapping. I bid on things on Paypal, which is a blast, or order things from Amazon and have them write what I'd love to hear her say to me or to Beau on the cards and sign her name to them. It's so weird. Yesterday I wrote a really weird card telling myself how wonderful, kind, generous, creative, loving and fabulous I am just to see if she'd even bother to notice it.

Hi Everybody,

Sorry I haven't posted in a while -- I've been swamped as usual. I wonder how many entries I've started over the years with this exact phrase.

I'm watching The Osbournes Christmas Special. Yeay! I miss them so much when they aren't on and even though I like Sharon's show, I miss the feeling of hanging out with them at their house so this is great fun for an Osbourne loving gal like me.

I was over at my friend Atra's house working on my scarves for Esther and Irma. Atra is making me knit and purl them so they won't curl up and I really don't think I'll get them done in time for Christmas. I finished my first knit hat and wanted to take a picture of myself wearing it to share with you while I was dressed up and wearing makeup but I was feeling so blechy I just had to take the mascara off and crash.

My stomach has been acting super delicate lately. I ate some oatmeal for breakfast the other day and my stomach freaked -- I'll spare you the details but you can imagine. I'm feeling about half that bad right now. I had five very small bites of vegetable friend rice at Atra and Arta's house and my bod just doesn't like rice anymore. Oh well.

Oh man I love Triumph the Insult Dog, he's just so damned funny. "On the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me two tiny poops."

I read in the paper about this woman who bought the Old Vic theatre for five million dollars. I can't believe it was for sale, and for so little. I so wish I had access to that kind of money so I could create an amazing American theatre but I know there are plenty of people out there struggling to make it happen, they don't need me. I just want to be a part of some wonderful, incredibly dedicated, healthy, functional, loving rep company, sigh. Then again this just might be my old longing for family masking itself in my love of theatre.

"You poop a lot bitch don't you?" I don't know why this makes me laugh so much when you'd think it would upset me, bitch is such a loaded word, but Beau and his friends all call each other bitch, the guys and gals.

I got to meet and talk to Tracy Ulman the day before yesterday when I went to another knit store in my never ending quest to hook Atra up with some regular knitting work. She was wearing a very plain little tennis outfit, mostly white with a stripe of navy down the sides. No one bothered her, except for me of course. I'm usually so circumspect around actors but when it's someone I really like I can't help but want to tell them, even though I know they've heard it so many times before and it probably feels like an intrusion when they'd rather just blend in. I told her I've been watching her since I first saw her in Plenty and that I think she's amazing and she was very polite, a bit shy but polite, not like Angelina Jolie who will practically throw her arms around you, or at least that's how she was when I met her. Tracy showed me her felted bags she's making. She knits them up and then puts them in the wash and they look like boiled felted wool, or they are boiled felted wool. Very cool.

Atra's birthday was Wednesday so I bought a little knit bag organizer, a pretty fabric needle case, one of every size of needles and this cool book by this Australian crochet artist who makes these incredible works of flowery colorful yarn art. Scott gave Atra a little mini sweater ornament for her Christmas tree and made her a nice card and gave them his CD. They were so polite and nice about it and played the whole album. Then after dinner we all sat around and played guitar and sang. We've been looking for this kind of experience with friends for so long and it's such a gift that it's just fallen into our laps.

I loved the movie The Anniversary Party with Jennifer Jason Leigh and Alan Cumming. There's this scene where each of their friends gets up and kind of creatively shares a gift with them. They also play charades. I so want this kind of life where I get together with all of my fabulous creative pals and we share our art with each other and it's just never happened outside of A.R.T.S., so it was nice sitting around the fire in our new friends' home and singing and laughing together.

Oh too funny Jessica Simpson is wearing a scarf by the same designer who made a scarf I bought at Fred Segals that we're trying to knock off. Knit caps, scarves and ponchos have been selling like mad in all the stores for a good while now. I wish I could get my ass in gear and capitalize on one of these trends as soon as I spot one of them. Instead I just tell everyone about it, fan the trend flames and spend more money. Like with the Ugh boots. Do you know they're back ordered until the middle of 2004 and are impossible to get in LA unless you're super lucky and just happen to be in a store that doesn't have wait lists? I lucked out and got a pair of black ones to replace the ones that Beau stole from me, the ones that are way too stinky for me to wear now, yeeeee.

There's a shoe store near my house that is selling these really amazing looking Ugh boots, (again I wish I had a picture of them to share with you -- I like to illustrate things), that have been hand painted by a tattoo artist, (they're really really cool), and they're EIGHTEEN HUNDRED DOLLARS!!! I'm not kidding, and they've sold almost all of them -- there are only two pairs left. Someone please figure out a way for me to make scads of money in some creatively fulfilling way so I can be as generous as I am to everyone around me and continue to be a "fiscally irresponsible," (as one of my ex LJ friends so kindly called me), compulsive shopper. I get so jealous when I watch shows like Rich Girls or read magazines about women breezing in and out of stores spending thousands. Christmas and Hanukkah always kick up my spend addiction frenzy because I love to buy gifts for people and it just puts me in this spend spend spend mode. Every year I promise myself I'll scale back and focus on the love and kindness aspect of the season and somehow I wind up getting sucked in to buying stuff when what I'd really rather do is make stuff for every one. Although now I tend to double up the stress by wanting to buy everyone at least three little gifts and give them something handmade as well.

I like all of the whacky pink vintage Christmas things I see on eBay. This is a little Cinderella ornament that I saw on a big fifties pink bottle brush tree. I just love this kitschy Christmas stuff.

I bought the smallest Christmas tree I have ever bought before today. I went back and forth over whether we should have a fake tree or a real one so I wouldn't go through my usual hyper-sensitive-feel-sorry-for-the-felled-tree business and then I saw this kind of Charlie Brown Christmas Special tree and decided to get it. We put it on a table in the library and it feels good to have scaled back a bit in this one little area. Less tree, less work, less guilt -- works for me. I'll just take some of my billions of ornaments and pile them up in glass bowls and string them around the house, it'll be fun.

Saturday I'm going to speak at my weight loss surgeon's holiday party. I'm good at this -- should be fun. Afterwards we're going to go over to Mom's house and decorate her tree for her. She wound up with the big tree this year which is a switch, I'm usually the overloaded, dripping with vintage and sugary glittered Radko ornaments tree gal while we kind of patch together a tree for Mom from the ornaments that Rosa hasn't stolen from her yet on a skimpy little tree that she has me buy for her.

I'm still working on my Christmas card design, I'm always late with this. I've been cutting out images for weeks. I'm going to make a double sided collage, punch a hole in the corner and tie some yarny fringe from it. Last year I made a digital collage and glued multicolored beads around the edges. I like the way it turned out but this year I've been having fun making collages the way I used to, off of the computer, so that's the plan for this year's card. I love the cards the most, opening our mail box and finding a card from a pal just brightens up the world for me.

Anyone interested in doing a Christmas or holiday card trade with me can send cards here;

Jacqui Hyland
11718 Barrington Court
Los Angeles, CA 90049

I would love to exchange cards with you : )

Look at the pretty beaded flowers.


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